This Is What One Guy Thinks the PS4 Will Look Like

Kotaku - Let's all remember: we haven't seen the PlayStation 4 yet. Along with games that were purportedly running on the system specs, Sony's event last month only showed viewers the controller.

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Godmars2901731d ago

Ugh. Makes me want to take back what I once said about just needing a box. Hope Sony can actually do better.

Hufandpuf1731d ago

See the design does matter in some way.

MikeMyers1731d ago

Not to me. This looks sort of like it's made by Linn (high end audio equipment).

I would actually prefer something like this as it's easy to store in an entertainment center and doesn't clash with everything else.

As long as it's quiet and doesn't run too hot I don't really care too much what it looks like. Unless it's something like the Gamecube.

Godmars2901731d ago

Well, I like this one better. Even if its better suited for a later slim model.

MikeMyers1731d ago

Godmars290, not bad but not as good as this one I pre-ordered. It comes with a year supply of Pop Tarts.

gta28001731d ago

I can already see this video being passed around on facebook and all the noobs thinking this is the PS4...smh. I'm sure whatever Sony makes will look sexier than this.

Gaming1011731d ago

This looks like an old, ugly VCR. Definitely not happening after how nice the PS3 looked on launch.

zeee1731d ago

I think the new PS4 will look like one of these other Sony products (bluray players). I am just guessing but here goes nothing...

Autodidactdystopia1731d ago


oooohh thats clean I love that design.

if the ps4 looked like that id buy it just for vanity. i always liked the broken symmetry look.

EeJLP-1731d ago

If you want to save a minute of your life...

Summary of video:

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HammadTheBeast1731d ago

It's Kotaku. They found the worst possible concept and put an article up about it.

zeee1731d ago

So true! I agree 100%. Kotaku are the worst!

MYSTERIO3601731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Well the original PS2 wasn't really a looker when it first launched back in 2000 but look now its the highest sold console in history. I don't think looks are everything when it comes to hardware design but i'm sure Sony can do a better job then that.

kaozgamer1731d ago

wheres the playstation logo on the front?!?

Knight_Crawler1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

I really hope we get the option to place the PS4 in a vertical position...did like the fact that Sony designed the PS3 slim that you can only have it horizontal.

Also I hope the new PS4 CONTROLLER has a sync button that you can use to connect it to the PS4.

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mushroomwig1731d ago

Looks like an early DVD player, god I hope it looks nothing like that concept, it's truly horrible.

SantistaUSA1731d ago

all he did was to copy Sony Blu-ray design. It looks horrible.

strickers1731d ago

have you seen the new BR players ? They don't look that plain
It's all in the details, and that has no detail

SantistaUSA1731d ago

@strickers, yes I've seen it and it does look better that this video, but I'm still not a big fan of that design.

Merrill1731d ago

Who cares what it looks like, only what it can do :)

Hufandpuf1731d ago

Come to think of it. It looks like a Wii.

CRAIG6671731d ago

Better than George Foreman grill !!1