‘Resident Evil 6’ on sale for under $20 on PS3 and Xbox 360

Online retailer,, is currently offering a sale for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the multiplatform survival-horror video game, “Resident Evil 6.”

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TheCopyNinja2093d ago

Thats exactly what I was gonna say. Hell I don't think i would even play it if PS+ got it for free.

abzdine2093d ago

i was about to write the same! even free on DL i wouldnt bother

Agent_00_Revan2093d ago

This was the price point I thought I would buy it at, but after playing the demo before release, I still have no desire for it.

ThanatosDMC2093d ago

Not gonna support bad Crapcom game either. Maybe they'll realize they're doing something wrong but it's Capcom so they'll probably just kill the IP.

DeadlyFire2093d ago

They have already stated reboot 5 times I believe since RE 6 was released. So.......

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Fyflin2093d ago

I got it for £9 on the XBL sales a few weeks back and I'm struggling to play through much more of it. It's a good collection of what was wrong with this gen in terms of game design IMO.

Starbucks_Fan2093d ago

My friend bought the Anthology edition when it came out for full price. I feel so bad -_-

SolidDuck2093d ago

Ya there's no price that's worth it, there's so many other games that are more worth your time and money.

riverstars862093d ago

Capcom would have to pay me to play this game. I'm not kidding at all, I played the demo and Capcom needs to go back to their roots for the game.

Jek_Porkins2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Agreed! I want it to be set in a mansion for the 100th time, clunky controls, bad voice acting and lame puzzles!

Look I realize some people might not like the way the newer RE games play, but I thought the older ones were quite boring for the most part, I like when there are actual enemies to contend with. The funny thing is, people blast COD for being the "same" thing, yet complain when games like RE change it up. I don't think you can have both, and I'm almost to the point where I cant stand a good portion of the so called "core" gaming community because all they do is complain, complain, complain and then complain some more. They act so entitled...

riverstars862093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

So you want scripted and linear gameplay where graphics are all that matters. You are the minority my man.

MariaHelFutura2093d ago

People complain about COD recycling the engine, bit different.

SOD_Delta2093d ago

I'd like RE to re-turn back to survival horror. The current direction with RE seems to be catering more towards the causal crowd.

It was really, really frustrating in RE6 when the camera would pan out to show you what to do. RE6 had way to much hand holding. The hardest difficulty was a joke. I can go on an on about the problems with RE6. I can understand why core fans of RE are upset.

AsimLeonheart2093d ago

Change does not automatically means "better". A change is not always good especially when the majority of the customers do not want it. The customer is always right and the businesses have to adjust to that and not the other way around. Basically, CAPCOM needs to consider what consumers want when creating a game if they want our money. This lesson was taught well to them by Resident Evil 6 and DmC sales.

Imalwaysright2093d ago

So you think they should keep the the broken controls, broken camera, cheap deaths, broken cover system, poor pacing, poor story, endless QTEs and me too gameplay? RE was the king of survival horror and it became a less than average action shooter. I rather see it going back to its roots than what it has become but to each their own.

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