EA’s CEO Leaves Battlefield after Maddening Crysis with SimCity 3 - Ep 57

Are these EA puns doing it for anyone? Because we could always find a way to throw Dead Space 3 and Medal of Honor: Warfighter references in there as well. All jokes aside, EA has been in a publicity tail spin that throwing the CEO into the furnace seemed to be the only way they could allay the fears of the stockholders that things are indeed in control. But are they really?

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Godmars2902067d ago

The pun is strong with this one.

Horribly so...

venom062066d ago

this is stupid.. but anyway, can't wait for BF4..

brish2066d ago

I hope the new CEO learns from the failures of the previous CEO.

konnerbllb2066d ago

Funny, the new ceo is actually the ceo that came before the one that's now retiring.

pompombrum2066d ago

Do you mean literally the only guy probably on the planet who EA could bring in who would be universally hated more than John (surname I can't pronounce) ?

If I remember EA had an even worse reputation back when their previous CEO was in charge than they do now.

DoublePlusGoodGames2066d ago

I'm not foolish enough to think that Trip would have the same impact at EA that Steve Jobs had at Apple, but it might bring their credibility and perception of 'worst company in America' back around.

EA makes a great hockey game and publishes some pretty exceptional properties like Mirror's Edge, Battlefield, Shadows of the Damned an more. They just need to get back to promoting developers and game makers as their "reason for being" and start giving back to the consumers that have been supporting them for the past two decades.

If you are out there and listening, EA, where's my M.U.L.E., Sled Storm and Road Rash? My wallet's just waiting for you to stop chasing Call of Duty with every release and start getting back to the business of publishing great games again.

If you publish them, profits will come...

Enigma_20992066d ago

he submitted this article just because of that headline, didn't he?

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