Something new for Final Fantasy XIV at Pax East 2013

2P writes: The Conference of Final Fantasy14 was just finished. The developer Naoki Yoshida has introduced us some new stuffs concerning classes, mobs, mechanism and so on. While he was still coy about the exact schedule we still could have a brief idea from the drafts.

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XiaoSet2010d ago

If still on schedule, mid to late summer of this year.

Tetsujin2010d ago


This is taken from the article:
"The game is scheduled for release this summer on both PC and PlayStation 3."

Nevers2009d ago

Sweet, thanks. I'm blocked from the site so I appreciate it. Any mention of the PS3 beta... I haven't heard much except a possible May go-time on that.

Tetsujin2009d ago

Nothing about the beta posted there, and it looks like there hasn't been an update lately on the site either.