Actor TC Carson Details His Experience Voicing Kratos From God Of War Ascension

You may remember him from Living Single, now TC Carson is voicing Kratos from God of War Ascension. TC fills us in on what it's like to voice Kratos.

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YoureINMYWay851943d ago

That guy is also mace windu!

Minato-Namikaze1943d ago

Samuel L. Jackson is Mace Windu (unles you mean something animated).

darthv721943d ago

is what i know him from. He was the guy with the motorcycle.

Christopher1943d ago

The Clone Wars. He's the voice actor for Mace Windu.

Reverent1942d ago

What cgoodno said... I'm pretty sure the guy was talking about the animation series -_-

TC Carson plays the voice of Mace Windu in both the cartoon series, and the animation series, AND he plays Mace Windu in practically every Star Wars video game from this gen.

gamerlive1943d ago

Cool to see the man behind Kratos.

maniacmayhem1943d ago

This guy was on Living Single with Queen Latifa.

KwietStorm1943d ago

The h is silent but its not invisible.

maniacmayhem1943d ago

In my world it is. Just like your invisible apostrophe.

N0S3LFESTEEM1943d ago

I always thought he was the guy from undercover brother... I guess I was wrong.

VitaOwner1943d ago

I remember watching him on Living Single, definitely has the perfect voice for Kratos.

cr33ping_death1943d ago

he was a cool suave fellow on that show lol.... hes been very angry ever since :)

Agent_00_Revan1942d ago

I used to watch that show too. But look how gray he's gotten.

I don't think they could've found a better and stronger voice for Kratos.

cr33ping_death1942d ago

i use to watch it too.... i feel so old :( im 30 but still lol

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The story is too old to be commented.