Anita Sarkeesian vs. Tropes vs. Women in Video Games

This is not a new topic. In fact, the vast majority of readers will probably be thinking to themselves how late to this particular party we happen to be; and while that may be true, it’s still fresh enough to discuss, and especially in a tone which hasn’t been used. In order to really participate, though, there’s a bit of required viewing.

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Krimmson2066d ago

It's one thing where you want to make internet videos, voicing your opinion and whatnot.

But do you really need to beg for money to do it?

ifritAlkhemyst2066d ago

This bitch looks like John Cryer.

What is the big deal about bringing feminism to light in video games. Women are working in the industry, many hold high profile positions with these companies.

No blacks gave a shit when GoW's Cole starting whoo whooing like an obnoxious asshole. I don't see Asians getting pissed off at the Jeweler in Diablo 3. I play with Russian gamers on BF3, don't see them getting upset that the past 4 years of modern warfare games have been wholesale slaughtering their people.

Donnieboi2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

Dont don't call her a b!tch, it'll only make things look worse. Just ignore the controversy. If women want to be represented more in gaming, then feminists have to understand that ALL types of females will be portrayed...not just the strong, smart ones that they'd conveniently like to see portrayed. In the REAL world, there are princesses who sadly seek men to rescue them in life, there are tough, business minded women too. There are also promiscuous women, evil women, violent women, manipulative types, scandily-clad women walking the streets, and frilly weak-minded types too. Just like with men. So whenever she complains about the portrayal of women in games, I would have to ask her why SHE is so the one being so narrow-minded: As there are plenty of women in games, however, they just don't fit the role that Anita would LIKE them to be in. However, there are like-minded women in the world that can be compared to these characters too. It's great when we see more strong female roles in games like Jade from Beyond Good & Evil; The new Lara Croft; Elena Fischer of Uncharted, etc.

But the reality is that there are ALSO women in the world that are comparable to Cruela Deville (am I spelling it right (?)) Who are passive-agressive and calculatingly cold (instead of heroic, as Ms. Sarkeesian would prefer their image to be white-washed as being), and other women who are unfortunately similar to Princess Peach who act as if they are helpless to save themselves. But just like Princess Peach, if Women are ever going to see the types of characters that they want to see, they are gonna have to do it themselves. Stop trying to pass guilt on the male counterparts of the industry. THEY are not women, so they only put female characters based on the one's they are familiar with in real life.

Simply taking a (traditionally) male "role", and replacing it with a female skin is not being genuinly "female". It will take a woman to make one. So stop pestering the guys about it. There is good and bad found in both genders, and YES, those differences are distinct between the genders, based on culture, up-bringing, and gender roles in their respective homes/communities. So if she wants to see improved gender roles for women, I would instead ask her to consider ALL possible roles for women in fiction, that are common in the REAL world. Not just heroic. But all. That way, REAL issues about female roles can be addressed (Hint: it won't be found by insinuating thaf Mayamoto's Peach character is some clever conspiracy to demean women). Women can find games as a medium to explore these roles and the cause/origin of said roles (especially if women help make the games themselves). But don't beg the men in the industry to make that change for you. They are not women. And this constant "entitlement" that Ms. Sarkeesian has that ALL women should be portrayed as heroic, is not going to solve the real issues women have in society, nor change anyone's perception of the many other types of women that exist in this world who are not heroic, smart, loving, kind, motherly, powerful, rich, or mentally stable. It would just be swapping a male for a female (even though said male is not even real). So please stop begging for a fake, forced-equality via Political Correctness. Seriously, it's as pathetic as a food-stamp/welfare hand-out. If you want the truth about women to be portrayed in games, Ms. Sarkeesian, then your gonna need to portray every angle, truthfully.

Because sitting around and waiting on men to do it out of some perceived "obligation", is no different than Princess Peach sitting around and waiting for Mario to obligatorily save her.

cleft52066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

Very well said, at first I thought she was just going to be taking on the role of the outside observer and explain how women are portrayed in gaming and how their image can be improved. I am all for that and I liked the first part of her Tropes versus Women video on gaming. But then it went from being informative to clearly pushing an agenda without ever explaining fully how the things she was saying represented reality. Still that was only the first video and she is doing like 15 more of them. I will watch them all, but I hope it is more than just her pushing her propaganda on people.

She has a real opportunity to do something very good here and a lot of eyes are on her and listening to what she has to say. And a lot of those listening do have an open mind, but we aren't idiots either. I hope the videos get better and I am looking forward to watching them.

ifritAlkhemyst2066d ago

Very well put and with far more effort than I would bother. I won;t apologize for calling her a bitch though. That isn't a slur against women in general, it was used for her and her alone.

SilentNegotiator2066d ago

Start by calling her a bitch...infinite sincerity detected.

cleft52066d ago

I am black and I hated Cole until Gears of War 2 where they gave him some actual character development. Gears 3 made him into my favorite character. Stop and think before you make all encompassing statements like this. It only makes you look exactly like the sort of moron she is ranting against.

ifritAlkhemyst2066d ago

Give me a break. Why is it so hard to just get what someone is saying without throwing out your "all encompassing" BS. Of course there where always be those that are offended, but there was no internet shitstorm about Cole and his stereotypical blackness. And the moron you say she is ranting against, despite his nonchalant use of the word bitch, is a devoted supporter of human rights for bitches, fags, kikes, niggers, etc. I cannot be blamed if your an asshole that interprets those words negatively and thinks I;m on your side when I really despise you.

SilentNegotiator2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

Stop giving her attention...FFS LET HER FADE BACK INTO BEING NOBODY.

She only has fuel as long as somebody is fighting her stupidity. As long as some Youtube comment or forum posting mentions her being raped or is the first to bring her up into a conversation, she will receive sympathy/views.

Godmars2902066d ago

Given that she received over 600K after asking for 6K to make videos anyone with a Youtube account, a camcorder and an editing program would have done for pocket change and still seen a profit based on views, how much "fuel" do you think she had in the first place?

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