Canadian Video Game Deals and Sales: March 22nd – 28th, 2013

It’s definitely a close race between Future Shop and Shoppers Drug Mart for best deals this week. Future Shop does a great job of offering bonuses with all of the upcoming releases, while also giving out a free steelbook with BioShock Infinite, but Shoppers Drug Mart has a wide variety of older titles on sale, not to mention cheaper prices on the PS3 and PS Vita.

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dbjj120882095d ago

Oh boy, a sale price on Aliens! /sarcasm

Wedge192095d ago

I gotta get me up to Canada for some deals!!

TrendyGamers2095d ago

I wonder what prompted all the deals from Shoppers?

CaptainYesterday2095d ago

Shoppers always has pretty good deals on games, I got my 3DS for $100 and also some games for $15 :)

knifefight2095d ago

Come for the games, stay for the drugs.

...But not me, I always came for the drugs.

...Aaaand stayed for the drugs.

ftwrthtx2095d ago

The frozen north seems to continue to get good deals.

miyamoto2095d ago

You can buy Uncharted 2 or iNfamous 2 for $15 at Walmart here.

KrisButtar2095d ago

either I've played it. or not interested. I do think this weeks sales are kinda weak, as I've seen/bought most of those on earlier sales(1st time for Aliens though, but I don't know anyone who is going to go near that game)

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