Diablo III:PAX 13: Console Sizzle Trailer

Blizzard:Sit down, relax, and get ready to unleash Hell in your living room. Diablo III is coming to the PlayStation 3.

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Godmars2902064d ago

Looks good. About all anyone can say.

Christopher2064d ago

I kind of was hoping more than just PS3. 360, PS3, PS4, and 720.

If this gets rid of 'always connected', the auction house, and a balanced item drop system, I'd consider it.

FamilyGuy2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

This looks really good to me, I wonder if they plan on charging us full price ($60). It's been out on pc for a while and PC games don't even launch at $60 to begin with so I'm curious.In fact it's $39.99 new on amazon right now. Heh, PS3 version marked at $60 with a december release date. Lame.

They added a couple features but does that really warrant a $60 price tag. I might get it either way, same room co-op on this will be a blast.

Godmars2902064d ago

At one point PC games were "always" $10 cheaper than console titles. Now both are usually $60.

The name of the game is charge as much as the market will bare. If you didn't buy it on PC and have one which could have played it, can probably wait a few months for a price drop.

pedrami912064d ago

Don't understand what the fuss is about. But then again ive always been a console exclusive player for as long as i can remember so i guess my standards for "good" and "fun" are really low by defaut.

Godmars2902064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

If there's any fuss, its anyone who thinks this isn't going to the 360.

Or its the PC crowd pissed about this not only going to consoles, but not having an always online requirement to boot.

rdgneoz32064d ago

I think its more the not "always online requirement" part more than anything else. Was annoying as hell when it first came out and you'd get DCed while playing alone.

MasterCornholio2064d ago

Hmm i wonder why they havent announced it for the 360 yet then?

adorie2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

The PC crowd, including myself have already went through the motions of being pissed. If you go to the forums, it's mostly about how to improve the game and trolling from people still pissed about other reasons than being on console.

People are more pissed about the drop quality than it being on console, imo. Can't do anything about console now, but Blizz can fix the drop quality.

It's just not something so simple because they worry about the economy in the game to make any decisions on the fly... Blizzard really didn't think about this so clearly as North did when they created D2. D2 players essentially created the economy on their own.

Player driven VS Developer driven economy (D2 VS D3) way of exchanging items.

They still haven't fixed being scammed via trade window, either.

Godmars2902064d ago

Apparently Sony managed to pull off something on their end so as to have first crack at the game.

ThanatosDMC2064d ago

If they allow gold spammers in the console version too, then you know Blizzard is beyond help.

kevnb2063d ago

always on or locked down to a single piece of hardware, pick your poison.

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BitbyDeath2064d ago

Also has same screen multiplayer which could make it worth a buy.

Gildarts2064d ago

Blizzard recently said that it's not a PS3/4 exclusive.

Robotronfiend2064d ago

Single screen co-op and no more disconnects while playing solo? Sounds a little more like the Diablo I wanted.

ArchangelMike2064d ago

Really good time to be a PS£ gamer :)

kevnb2063d ago

looks half ass to me, noticeable framerate issues even in the trailer. They should be showing the ps4 version.