An Overview of Knack and Why It Was Overlooked


I’m sure a number of you will have watched the Playstation Meeting just last month, February 20th, where Sony unveiled the first details for the Playstation 4 and was also the platform where they debuted of a handful of next gen games. But one of the things I found to be slightly bemusing is the absence of coverage for the first game we were all shown...

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miyamoto2067d ago

Crash Bandicoot
Spyro the Dragon
Jak and Daxter
Ratchet and Clank
... Muh, Muh, Muh, My Sharona!

NewMonday2067d ago

didn't know Knack is made using the Unreal Engine 4

thought it would be a Sony 1st party Engine

Arai2067d ago

Eurogamer reported that it's using UE4, maybe they have a reason for doing so.
Still weird considering that it's a game developed by Sony.

Tbh I never liked UE because of the textures in most games and the plastic look it brings.

Jagsrock2067d ago

He still looks kinda Ganondorf like to me.

r212067d ago

When he's blown up and huge, he kinda does but when he's tiny and smaller, not so much.

clintagious6502067d ago

This is one of my most anticipated ps4 games. I was wondering why not many ppl was talking about it. Looks fresh & innovative. Cant wait to see more on this game and abilities.

guitarded772067d ago

I don't know that it was necessarily overlooked. When a new console is announced, most people are looking at the most visually stunning titles, and Knack's art style doesn't make it stand out when compared to Killzone or Deep Down. With new consoles, many are looking at "How real can it look". One thing about Knack I found intriguing is how as he grows, each piece of his model is interdependent and moving together. When you look at it from that perspective, it's really impressive tech.

clintagious6502067d ago

"One thing about Knack I found intriguing is how as he grows, each piece of his model is interdependent and moving together"

Thats exactly why I liked it was because it look so different yet the potential is huge & is why i want to see more abilities because it looks like alot of fun. I dont just play games to enjoy it, I also write down notes on possibilities u can add to the game that would make the game even better. My dream is to become a developer but one that has so many IDEAS to create that ULTIMATE experience.

talisker2067d ago

My thoughts exactly. Playing a character which is entirely based on physics will be much fun. Same applies to Infamous; Second Son. Those particle effects... I hope they utilize the compute units a lot. Superheroes made of particles or liquid not only look awesome but can also introduce new quality into game mechanics.

Mark Cerny, fingers crossed for you and I'll buy it day 1.

raytraceme2067d ago

Knack was underlooked because this generation of gamers don't care for platformers. The gaming community is crap now and all most gamers care about nowadays is the the next big POS fps garbage.

I support Playstation and Nintendo because they still support platformers and a huge variety of games.

Microsoft and XBOX played a big role in dumbing down gaming and their fanboys just don't care about variety and platformers like Knack so they are just bringing it down.

I give a big middle finger to MS their fanboys and their payed off media outlets.

People seem to forget that with the ps1, gamecube, and ps2 games were actually hard and the sp of many top games were more than the 5-7 hours of a typical game nowadays. Remember the time when gameplay mattered?

Knack to me reminds me of the good old days when 12 people bought the xbox and everyone else got a ps2. This was when gameplay and story mattered and there were different genres of games.

TheFallenAngel2067d ago

I still play Mario games on my niece's DS and they are fun. It reminds me of my childhood. Kudos to Nintendo for making really fun Mario games. I enjoy them a lot. LittleBigPlanet was fun too.

Soldierone2067d ago

This is why I personally miss last generation. I had so many different style games, it was great.

This generation its shooter after shooter, and everything has to be "realistic" when it isn't a shooter. What happened to animals and cartoon characters etc?? Creativity? Stuff that wasn't "well its realistic, but not realistic" stuff. They are even making the next Ninja Turtles game "realistic" I mean come on....

Anything that isn't a shooter or a "realistic" game struggles to see a major release. And if it doesn't sell like Call of Duty, then big publishers dump it.

_QQ_2067d ago

The question is why should i care about this or any other game when i can play aliens colonial marines?

badz1492067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )


back on topic;

I'm looking forward to Knack too! platformers is my favorite genre!

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