ShockList: Injustice: Gods Among Us Wishlist: Part 1

There has been a ton of Injustice: Gods Among Us news lately, and all of this buzz is getting both the gaming fan and comic fan inside me excited. What characters will be revealed next? Who deserves a chance at the spotlight?

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maniacmayhem2092d ago

Black Manta
The Mid-Nighter
Matter Eater Lad

chaos_mechanica2091d ago

I love your matter eater lad suggestion! Should throw in arms fall off boy too

chaos_mechanica2091d ago

Also, parasite would be really awesome

pr0t0typeknuckles2092d ago

i really want to see starfire and beastboy just to say hey the teen titans are in and besides they have cool movesets,also static shock would be amazing.

chaos_mechanica2091d ago

Static definitely deserves the spotlight. They've really downplayed him for a while now