Sackboy Meets BioShock Infinite Following on from our popular BioShock Mini Pack, we are pleased to reveal that we have a brand new BioShock Infinite Costume Pack coming out next week and for we have a couple of special wallpaper treats today for anyone that loves BioShock as much as we do!

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plaZeHD2094d ago

Sackboys are the cutest thing in this planet.

JW10802094d ago

That's hilarious. I remember seeing the Kratos Sackboy for the first time and was cracking up. Maybe they should make a Little Big Planet Playstation All Stars. And all the characters are sack people.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2094d ago

level kit, level kit, level kit level kit, level kit, level kit....pleeeeaaaaaaaassseee... ..

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