Sony explains why streaming PS4 games to phone is not feasible

"Sony VP of World Wide Studios, Michael Denny, explained why the remote play function is more suited for the PS Vita rather than a phone."

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KrisButtar2065d ago

well a smartphone has no controls, only makes sense, but i would like to know what phones/tablets work for the PS4 ecosystem and what kind of functions they do have, maybe PSN chat/text? checking stats?, a direct link to the "share" feature?

MikeMyers2065d ago

Of course. This isn't like steaming a movie. These games were designed with buttons and analog sticks. They would have to remap the controls for them to work and even then it wouldn't be as good.

KrisButtar2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

so true, i didn't want phones/tablets to play ps4 games, for the same reasons. I was wondering about the ps4 ecosystem and what role phones/tablets would/could have in the ps4 ecosystem, other than playing the games of course

@below, yeah i don't think anyone would do that

jlukee2065d ago

Unless they could sync the bluetooth controller with the phone aswell, but that kind of defeats the point of easily portable gaming! :p

Outside_ofthe_Box2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

***"Each PS4 game will be playable on the PS Vita via remote play and a control profile for the handheld system will be mandatory for developers to provide."***

That isn't a direct quote from Sony, but it is stated in the article. I really hope this true. I really hope that they make it mandatory unlike what they are doing with the PS3.

hesido2065d ago

I don't know where the mandatory profile came from. I remember them talking to devs about designing their games suitable for streaming to Vita but I'm not sure whether it will be mandatory.

profgerbik2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

They said why remote play is not feasible for phones which is understandable, not why streaming to them from Gaikai isn't. Man these article titles for hits kill me.

.. and yes everyone knows phones suck for playing actual games with real controls.. still can use a PS3 controller with them. I know Sony knows that.

Sometimes these titles even fool me I will admit but it does get annoying.

Tei7772065d ago

What would the point of that?

DOMination-2065d ago

If they stream to phones via gaikai then.. What would be the point in ever buying a ps4? They obviously won't do that.

profgerbik2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

Did I say PS4 games? I was referring to the title as it is misleading.

hesido2065d ago

Why the need to sell Vita's then? They'd bundle dual shocks with their xperia's and they'd be done. I don't think it is feasible for anyone to carry a DS3 on the go, but even for home use, I don't think Sony would want a strong alternative to Vita for streaming (Phone + DS3), nor that I think anybody needs that combo.

elmaton982064d ago

A specific app will be require to play ps4 games on tablets or phones since the games need a controller so I don't think it will work unless they find a way to do it.

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puamdefokejpn2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

because they arent making control interfaces for touch for free,.. and even if they could,.. crap would make make PS games look bad if even playable,..Dualshock has like 14 buttons or something,.. good luck with that on a touch screen alone,.. Vita is the way to go and even that is sometimes not ideal,.. You will probably get watch your friends and comment app, trophy.. and similar smaller game related apps ,..and because buy our products bitchez

RevXM2065d ago

yup 14, 12 of them being PRESSURE sensitive buttons and two clickable analogs and then there is sixaxis and For ps4 the sensor bar and touch pad also. thats hard to get working with a phone. I know Ps3 controllers can work but Ps4 controllers wouldnt be fully functional since the Sensor bar needs the ps eye also.

Perhaps one day Sony will make a DS4 certified phone with PSEYE built in so you could use it as a ps4 streaming hub for games and other content, that would be real awesome.
The ps4 stays in the living room, just bring a Vita or DS4 to compliment your DS4/PS4 certified xperia phone.

miyamoto2065d ago

Gaikai is different from Remote Play though Remote Play can use some help from Gaikai

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