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Serjikal_Strike1435d ago

Looks awesome, can't wait to play this again...
I loved this game on NES

InMyOpinion1435d ago

Yes! I probably completed this game a hundred times on the NES. Will be interesting to see if I remember the hidden locations :)

Dagobert1435d ago

ZOMG! I forgive you for your DLC crap now Capcom.

adorie1435d ago

We still havea ways to go for that one, Carlton

vudu1435d ago

tru dat. not enough tom jones to forgive capcom.

FlyingFoxy1435d ago

looks good but isn't the scrolling background a bit distracting like that?

Qrphe1434d ago

That's not bad, I would have expected a $60 given that it's Capcom.

Simon_Brezhnev1434d ago

Yeah it is $15 for a 24 year old game. PC people can basically do the samething for less. All capcom been doing is releasing 20 year old games and overpricing them. They just testing out which sales the most i bet to see if they will do a sequel to it.

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