Will The Last Guardian ever see the light of day?

OPM writers argue whether we'll ever see The Last Guardian released on PS3.

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ShugaCane1892d ago

On the PS3, maybe not anymore. As a PS4 launch title, hopefully !

ShugaCane1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Maybe indeed. I don't know, they seem to be struggling to develop that game, so I wish they'd just focus on one version and put all their efforts in it. But it's about time Sony gives us a little update !!

darthv721892d ago

it will be out for the ps4. If sony came up with some good programming tools to transition game development from the ps3 to ps4. we will more than likely see several ps3 games that were announced prior, now be more in line as ps4 titles at or near launch.

MikeMyers1892d ago

All I know is I'd not only like to see it but play it.

himdeel1892d ago

I've given up on this game and FFv13. I will only care once they are released in retail.

SilentNegotiator1892d ago

Same. Unless we at least get a release date, I've pushed Last Guardian far into the back of my mind.

rezzah1892d ago

I doubt the PS4.

Having to change everything they've already done to play on the PS4 will cost extra money.

darthv721892d ago

or maybe not. It all depends on how far along they were in development. They could have switched things over a last year and could be well into the final stages.

that is, given the ease of PS4 development and any software tools sony provided to make transitioning easy.

Im sure we will know in time. Im not worried. I know its an ambitious title and this team is competent to deliver the goods either way.

rezzah1892d ago

I know the outcome can be any of the two, or could be something else we never really foresaw.

I like to leave the possibilities open, even if I hold some sort of stance.

noisemedia1892d ago

Can someone help me understand why this game is such a holy grail for gamers nowadays?

It just seems so much time has gone by and so many other engaging and awesome games have come, gone, or been shelved during this generation that it doesn't make sense to me why so many people have such a hard on for this title. Granted its just my opinion but it just looks and sounds dated by today's standards.

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Serjikal_Strike1892d ago

I'll be punching babies and kicking old folks if it doesn't

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The story is too old to be commented.