Nvidia Slam PS4, But Is Power Everything?

Vibox delve into Nvidia's recent outlandish statements about the PS4, question rhe next generation's impact on the future of PC gaming and wonder if it really is all about numbers and spec sheets.

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chukamachine2090d ago

Nvidia is slamming AMD, and PS4. Because they don't want people to be satisfied with PS4. Nvidia want people to build a gaming rig and put a titan in it,lol.

iGAM3R-VIII2090d ago

Agreed, when a company doesn't get their way, they usually trash it. I think if AMD do really well with the PS4 and Xbox, Nvidia would lose their spot in the Next-next-Gen consoles.

Hydrolex2089d ago

You know, they have been complaining too much about the PS4, so it really shows that they are butt hurt that Sony didn't kiss their butts and go with them...

Hydrolex2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Nvidia is on her period

Lior2089d ago

They never had a spot in the next gen consoles anyway your much better off building a good spec pc with amd or nvidia regardless, the next gpus of these consoles will be low to mid end spec

ginsunuva2089d ago

There are no next-next-gen consoles. After this it's all cloud. And guess who has the largest upcoming cloud technology that everyone is using.... Nvidia!

And mobile market is making 100x+ more money than consoles, and guess who's at the forefront of mobile computing.... Nvidia!

Why would anyone worry about consoles? Nvidia doesn't even care much for pc gpus anymore.
Now their focus is all on GRID and Tegra.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32089d ago

When did Nvidia slam anything?

kneon2089d ago

Nvidia have no hope in the console market unless the console makers switch to arm. They can't make an integrated x86 CPU/GPU

nnotdead2089d ago


we really can't say for sure whether another box will be released next gen. we are all sure cloud gaming is the future, but how soon it comes depends isp companys. not just speed matters but also data caps.

i do think you are right about next gen being mostly if not all about the cloud. which makes the up coming gen more important. MS and Sony will be pushing the cloud a lot, and whoever wins will already have a customer base for their future streaming gaming market place. not to mention if Steam gets involved. i'm unsure how involved with Nvidia any of these, or other big players are with each other.

Qualcomm still dominates Tegra in Phones. though Nvidia has been doing well in tablets, they just lost the Nexus platform to Qualcomm. future is pretty unsure for them as of right now.

why wouldn't Nvidia care about their GPU business? it still brings in 3-4x's the profit of their Tegra business. it would be crazy for them to just not care about most of their profits.

kikoano2089d ago

Wrong PS4 its very bad for dev its close system its bad for players too get pc and you have everyting.And there is only 10 000 nvidia titans made and they are already sold.

Ritsujun2089d ago

Having talented developers like NaughtyDog, SantaMonicaStudios, GuerillaGames to utilize the power to push the outdated hardware to its limit IS everything.

tarbis2089d ago

For a company that doesn't care about console sure have lots to say about them.
And putting the most powerful gpu mobile is big waste. Because no mobile developer is gonna use the full potential of it. Mobile developers only cares about making a game that can turn into a quick buck using microtransactions. They'll just make the game pretty using the gpu then use the most basic physics available then be done with it.

badz1492089d ago

"There are no next-next-gen consoles. After this it's all cloud. And guess who has the largest upcoming cloud technology that everyone is using.... Nvidia!"

which one is it? "upcoming" or "everyone IS using"? their grid system is promising but we are still not there yet, dude!

"And mobile market is making 100x+ more money than consoles, and guess who's at the forefront of mobile computing.... Nvidia!"

forefront? I'm pretty sure it's ARM not nVidia's Tegra and it's not going to change anytime soon as the 2 biggest mobile giants at the moment - Samsung and Apple both use ARM!

MysticStrummer2088d ago

"your much better off building a good spec pc with amd or nvidia regardless,"

Yeah, so I can play games I don't much care about in high detail. Sounds amazing. smh

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Zha1tan2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Titan is seriously one of the worst cards in terms of price/performance ratio.

andrewer2089d ago

The price looks fine IMO. It's the most powerful one to date, Nvidia can price it balls and no one can complain...Wait for competition to get there (what will take some time actually) and the price will drop beautifully ;)

nnotdead2089d ago

that's a short sided view. the Titian is about having the top performer, not the best bang for the buck. lower powered cards tend to lead price/performance ratio, so if that is what you're looking at, the Titian, 680, 7970, or other top of the line cards won't be much interest to you.

Npugz72089d ago

Wow you said it exactly how it is!!!

Knushwood Butt2089d ago

Anyone would think Nvidia are buuthurt

delboy2089d ago

Yeah Nvidia is buthurt, but AMD fights to stay alive.
Funny how Sony boys twists, suddenly it's not about power.
But in every other thread it is all about power and ram speed. Lol

MysticStrummer2088d ago

@delboy - It's the anti-Sony crowd that are twisting this. Nvidia may or may not be butthurt, but they certainly give the impression that they are. If Nvidia really walked away from next gen consoles voluntarily, why bother making statements about their lack of power? They went out of their way to downplay the power of devices they supposedly have no interest in. At the very least it's classless and unprofessional, but it also gives the appearance of being butthurt whether they are or not.

FlyingFoxy2089d ago

You're right there, they must know Titan aint selling because it's of of hose massively overpriced and marginally better cards. For regular high end cards there's normally little difference between AMD and Nvidia.

IAmLee2089d ago

They've been going on for about a week now.
So butthurt from sony not using there equipment and what not.
Ah well. :')

nirwanda2089d ago

I think it's more like nvidia don't want the next direct X to go apu fully HSA because they don't make them or probably have any in development.

Psn8002089d ago

There just jealous are Nvidia .

hiredhelp2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

I was long fan green team till AMD got better at there GPUs then I played with AMD cards since dx10 started.
My last nvidia card was 560 nvidia is getting power hungury and money hungury while they have new tegra chis yes mobiles is a massive market.
I feel there bitter about AMD supporting consoles and still producing low to high end desktop and server cards.
To compete with Nvidia and now with AMD dabbling back into the Physix with tress Fx being first what I call test waters I think Nvidia shud start shutting there mouths get off there high horse.
Like AMD You have desktop GPU you have mobile division with tegra now AMD has console market.
I'm running a AMD desktop card not going back

DeadlyFire2089d ago

NVIDIA is not only pissed about hardware. They probably proposed NVIDIA GRID to Sony before they bought Gaikai and Sony said no thanks.

troncoparati2089d ago

They are sore because they missed the opportunity to be in the next gen of consoles. If they had taken a hit in pricing on their chips they would had gain so much more in PR and advertising...greedy morons.

Cam9772089d ago

It's just jealousy. I bet Nvidia have lost millions due to missing out on helping with the PS4. That's their own fault. As said before, Nvdia IS on her period; wait, that's an understatement.

Irishguy952089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

Again with the stupidity.

Nvidia haven't slammed anyone. It's titles and articles looking for hits. Fanboys are dumb enough to believe it.

Maybe Nvidia should lie about the Ps4's power when they get asked about it right? Getting asked and then Stating how powerful the Ps4 not slamming it.

Ask anyone with a bit of knowledge of Hardware and they'll tell you the same thing Nvidia did. Are they trolls? Are they 'slamming it'? No. It's just stupid people thinking 'mid range'(low CPU/mid-high GPU) is somehow a bad thing

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LessThan2Tflops2090d ago

What's outlandish about what they said?

catf2089d ago

It's weighty for them to be outspoken in such a derogatory manner toward a recently announced machine.

It's not surprising, but would they do better being more reserved? It sort of sounds like;

'Yeah well, we didn't even want your stupid contract anyway, because it's stupid. We'll make our own console, with blackjack... and hookers..'

Not that global companies coming across as children is anything new either...

SilentNegotiator2089d ago

Well, LessThan2TFlops (you obvious troll, you), it's more the context. When they lost out on an important contract with a corporation that pushes several dozens of millions of pieces of hardware in a few years time with only small changes....they went to demeaning their competitor's work.

They didn't go on about how "low end" their own console work was. But now that they've been squeezed out of the market for demanding too much of the pie...


"with blackjack....and hookers!!"

greatest futarama quote to date.

Fishy Fingers2089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

This story has been blown waaaaaaay out of proportion.

adorie2089d ago

Much like most of everything else. These articles remind me of The Gods of Olympus. Stop caring or believing them and they will go away, unnoticed.

talisker2089d ago

People who had Shield in their hands say it's an ergonomic disaster.

kneon2089d ago

You don't need to have it your hands to see it's an ergonomic disaster.