Microsoft Give Out 1600 MS Points To Those Affected By Entertainment Awards Error

ThisisXbox: "The Xbox Entertainment Awards website launched last week marking the first time ever that gamers could vote for their favourite entertainment experiences on Xbox LIVE for the past year nominating games, video's and music choices. However, the website was soon taken down when it was spotted that gamers who entered a prize draw had their personal information revealed.

Microsoft has issued emails to all those affected gifting them with 1600 MS Points and making assurances that their gamertag, email address and date of birth that was visible for a short period did not compromise their Xbox LIVE Account."

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Software_Lover2067d ago

Well, people put out more info than that on Facebook, and they sell your info. Bad security Microsoft, but 1600 point is a nice gesture.

Gildarts2067d ago

I agree 1600 points for free by showing your basic info? Sounds really generous to me. Too bad I wasn't affected :(.

It's not bad security though it was human error.

ALLWRONG2067d ago

Bad security would be if Live got hacked for a month.

jasona19802067d ago

I received my points, although god-knows-who saw my email address, glad I entered that competition now haha

IK IR Y IP T2067d ago

yea no crab i didnt even know this happened and they are giving points !