Update to Street Fighter 4 series in the works from Capcom

Today at PAX East at the World of Capcom panel, it was announced that a new update to the Street Fighter 4 series is in the works.

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jc485731824d ago

how about you guys fix the 12 characters that are still locked in Street Fighter x Tekken?

Hufandpuf1824d ago

That game sucks anyway. Capcom is better off supporting the games people still play. I sold SFxT a month after buying it.

pompombrum1824d ago

Not sure if serious but Elena is a Tekken character.

Son_Lee1824d ago

Not sure if serious, but Elena is a Street Fighter character.

Inception1824d ago

He means Elena from SFIII

I think that's cool because we already got Ibuki, Dudley, Makoto, and Yun & Yang from SFIII roster.

Giru0171824d ago (Edited 1824d ago ) she isn't. Elena debuted in "Street Fighter III - New Generation" back in 1997.

EDIT: And yeah, they should add her and Rolento. Them being in SFxT makes it easy, fans have already (almost) fully ported Rolento over for the PC, so it should be a fairly quick job for Capcom to do this.

IAMERROR1824d ago

There's an Elena in Street Fighter, she was my main on third strike. :)

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pompombrum1824d ago

Come on, at this point very few people want to see them messing around with SF4 AGAIN. It's time they start thinking about SF5.

KrisButtar1824d ago

very true but were you around when they didn't know how to count to 3? it make take them a while to get 5

Skizelli1824d ago

SF4 is still relevant in tournaments.

Rainstorm811824d ago

I agree its time to move on to the NEXT SF game we have already had 3 revisions of SF4..... SF4, SSF4 & SSF4AE..... I think we can move on to 5, and make it the relevant SF game

capnjoe2171824d ago

4 revisions, homey. SSF4AEver.2012

maniacmayhem1824d ago

I would love Elena in the SF4. She has been requested many, many times and I think it is about time she made that jump.

IAMERROR1824d ago

I want to Rhino horn once again! :D

nevin11824d ago


I rather have Street Fighter Alpha 4.

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The story is too old to be commented.