Capcom confirms Dungeons & Dragons games for digital platforms

GE: "Capcom has confirmed rumors that it will be bringing two Dungeons & Dragons arcade games to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. Versions are also planned for the Wii U eShop and PC."

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loltonytony2095d ago

Nice! Cant wait for some co-op

Fullmetalevolust2095d ago

Wanna see those on the Vita. need beat them ups on the go!

Larry L2095d ago

Me too. I think these classic side-scrollers are perfect for Vita. I wish all the PSN versions of these worked on my Vita. I'd much rather have The Simpson, X-Men, these D&D titles......all the classics need digital versions like The Avengers, and PSN NEEDS the original versions of the TMNT games......even Castle Crashers......all need to be on VITA.

I love that Dragon's Crown is trying to bring this genre back in a big way. And I love how it's being created by the original creator of these classic D&D games. I hope it's successfull because I think that with new tech and a longer format (the genre is born from arcades so they've all had to be naturally "short"), this genre could be taken up to a whole new level in much the same way Heavy Rain took the adventure game genre up to a new level.

Castle Crashers was a great evolution for the genre with the long format, but I think there's alot more room to move up still. We'll see what Dragon's Crown does.

Fullmetalevolust2095d ago

Always enjoyed those type of games, played Princess crown when it came out on the Saturn, it was hard given that it was all in Japanese. lol
Big fan of side scrollers as they're so easy to pick up and play, and I agree, the PSN catalog should be available on the Vita.

BoNeSaW232095d ago

These games were the reason I got into MAME.
But if they have online co-op mode that plays well I'm in for both!