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Submitted by KrisButtar 1057d ago | news

More Than 100 Vita Games Coming in 2013

In a conversation with IGN, PlayStation’s Director of Product Planning and Platform Software Innovation Don Mesa revealed that more than 100 titles will come to PlayStation Vita in 2013 alone. Mesa also had a lot of other interesting things to say about Vita, including usage statistics for Sony’s fledgling handheld device.

“I know there’s been a lot of noise about Vita recently,” Mesa admitted. “There were some negative impressions and so forth. One thing we haven’t had the opportunity to do is talk about how our Vita owners are feeling about the platform. It’s a good gut check for all of us, to know what’s happening now. (PS Vita)

Th4Freak  +   1057d ago
Xaphy  +   1057d ago
sweet jesus have mercy
ApolloTheBoss  +   1057d ago
I'm buying a Vita tomorrow, too. GREAT timing I must say.
miyamoto  +   1057d ago
have mercy on my pockets!

that is what you call support

price cut imminent
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bintarok  +   1057d ago
Low-budget indie games rule
Heavy emphasis on indie games = WIN!
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Thirty3Three  +   1057d ago
"Sweet Jesus, have mercy!"

Hallelujah, I cay-an waok agaaaaay-in!

Ah yes. 40 y/o black woman phrases ftw
Starbucks_Fan  +   1057d ago
Oh wow. I was going to buy the Pikachu 3DS on Sunday... but this may change my mind
TongkatAli  +   1057d ago
Get it bro, join the indies, all those cute characters Nintendo comes up with is brainwashing garbage to make you pay 40$ or 60$ a pop. At least when you buy a Sony product you know they are losing money cause they are bleeding to give you a quality product,

Coparations should bleed money. I'm bleeding money for them why shouldn't they bleed too ? I payed $60 for NSMB Wii U to hear the same theme over and over again until I get to a castle level to hear a different one, come the fudge on.
PSNintyGamer  +   1057d ago
Get both, it's a win-win situation
Godchild1020  +   1057d ago
I have a Vita and I plan on getting another 3DS this Tuesday for Luigi's Mansion.

The sale that Target and Best Buy is having is too hard to past up and with the chance of getting a second game for free when I register the 3DS is icing on the cake. For 200 dollars I get a 3DS XL and 2 games for the price of just the system is a steal.

In a way PlayStation Plus, blows that out the water in comparison if you had Plus for a while. So if you have a PS3 and Plus, you can't go wrong with the support the Vita will be getting this year and the games that are available with plus now.

Your money, you choice. No matter which one you go with, each system will see great support this year.
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Apollosupreme  +   1056d ago
Get a Vita, along with a PS+ subscription. You'll get dozens of games to play throughout the year, all of which are "free" as long as you have a sub. Not only that but you get big time discounts on certain games with a PS+ sub and those games are yours for good.

Soul Sacrifice should be on your radar. That game is gonna be off the hook.

Not to mention Killzone Mercenaries and FFX HD

Great games to get you going now would be Uncharted, Wipeout, Hot Shots Golf and Little Big Planet and MGS.

Don't forget you get access to most of the PSP library AND PS1 library. (ie: FF1-FF9, plus all the tactics games, Gods of War series, etc.)
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BitbyDeath  +   1057d ago
That's going to make for one awesome E3 montage!
profgerbik  +   1057d ago
Freak yes. Just when I said new Vita games are being announced daily and now we get this.. I almost have enough hope that the system just might do as well as the 3DS given enough time.

If they keep that up, it very well may even beat its sales one day but that is not something I really care about and might be unlikely given how times have changed quite a bit tech wise.

... but just hearing about new games for the system is good enough for me. So this is awesome news.
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Cam977  +   1057d ago
And Telltale's THE WALKING DEAD is making its way to the Vita too! YES!
LOGICWINS  +   1057d ago
Where did you hear that!?
Minato-Namikaze  +   1057d ago
Just announced no too long ago.
Th4Freak  +   1057d ago
Xaphy  +   1057d ago
its true they just posted it
chrismichaels04  +   1057d ago
Another IGN article confirmed TWD on Vita.
LOGICWINS  +   1057d ago
Hot damn!
Cam977  +   1057d ago
IGN announced it an hour ago, GREAT NEWS! The Vita is receiving a generous amount of Indie support; if you want more decent Indie games check out MACHINARIUM and LONE SURVIVOR - both of which are coming to the Vita!
profgerbik  +   1057d ago
Can't wait.
GABRIEL1030  +   1057d ago
We don't need 100 games, we need masterpieces like Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, Infamous, Mass effect, GOW or GTA.
TongkatAli  +   1057d ago
Im thinking about going strictly indie. There would be so much money in my wallet if I did do that. Think about all those sneakers, drinks, weed, movies and massage hoes in main street flushing where I can get a happy ending.

F big budget titles : D
-Gespenst-  +   1057d ago
@Gabriel: I'd rather the same big franchises didn't have a complete monopoly over videogames thanks. Play some other games.
Tei777  +   1057d ago
For the sake of the systems future, its important receives big franchises to generate hardware sales and thus quality 3rd party support. Unless of course you are happy to live off remakes and indie titles for the rest of the Vita's life.
wenaldy  +   1057d ago
I'd rather see all these titles in PS4.
Protagonist  +   1057d ago
Then you´d probably complain about too many ports for the PS VITA.

Be satisfied man! Vita is getting games!
BlaqMagiq24  +   1057d ago
And you need to be patient.
Sharius  +   1057d ago
da fuq
JohnnyHurricane  +   1057d ago
I'm glad to see they are supporting the vita with software but I am more curious to see what they are going to do to integrate it into the ps4.
memots  +   1057d ago
There is tons of game on the system already. My 32 gig card is almost full and i started deleting, As a ps+ member its unreal the amount of stuff they gave already.

But somehow we still hear people saying that Vita as no game.
Weird deja vue with Ps3 after a year on the market.
Kingthrash360  +   1057d ago
Soooooo many haters hating on ign comment section on this article...too funny. Before it was "the vita has no games" now its "its going to be 5 good games 95 trash"...smh people kill me sometimes
Protagonist  +   1057d ago
Users on IGN and Gamespot always twist things against Sony´s handhelds, It has been going on for years.

Big ups though! for the NeoGaf users who´s been hyping the PS Vita for months and months now.... they are the ones who sets the agenda.

Me personally: PS Vita is the best gaming handheld ever made!
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Kingthrash360  +   1057d ago
Agreed best on market hands down.
Tito08  +   1056d ago
Yeah, it's a matter of time until more software is seen. BTW, it's a fact 3rd party devs can sell more software on PS devices than those on Nintendo, because the Nintendo consumer wants nothing more than Mario, Zelda & Pokemon. That is a reason why Sega dropped a considerable amount of support on Nintendo devices and is focusing on PS more, it's only the damn Mario & Sonic Olympics that sells. That will be the same scenario as with PS3/360 vs Wii, & I'm very sure those 2 exclusive Nintendo Monster Hunter games can generate more sales on PS, Capcom knows it very well.
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Deku-Johnny  +   1057d ago
That's not that many when you think about it, that includes indie games, re-releases of PS1 games and shovelware. Of the 100 games released this year they'll only be between 10-20 worth considering if that. Quality > quantity.
#10 (Edited 1057d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
Hicken  +   1057d ago
Can you tell me who'll be winning the NCAA tournament, while you're at it?

Get outta here.

But I BET you'd be talking up the 3DS' lineup if it were as large, even if you knew just as little about the upcoming games for that system. Funny how that works, isn't it?
Deku-Johnny  +   1057d ago
I really wouldn't. When you count up the games coming out for the 3DS this year (retail, indie, Nintendo re-releases, shovelware etc.) there is probably a similar amount, probably the same with Ps3, 360 and Wii U as well. There will probably be only 10-20 games worth getting on all of those consoles.

I'm not hating on the Vita here I'm just saying what will probably happen, maybe I'll be wrong. I doubt it though, think back on the 7th gen, when was there a year when there were more than 10-20 games worth getting on any one console?
MikeMyers  +   1056d ago
What's interesting is how many of these games will only be available digitally. Which is odd how gamers on here are so vocal against used game sales and DRM yet don't really say much in this case.
Mr_Stark  +   1057d ago
Your probably right but I'm sure there will be some gems in there though
rainslacker  +   1057d ago
10-20 is still a pretty good number IMO. Realistically who buys that many games in a year...well OK I do as I have 24 retail PSV games, but outside the hardcore who does?

If your into indie games then it's a bonus, if not no worries. I also don't believe a game has to be AAA to be good. Just because it doesn't have a multi-million dollar budget doesn't mean that it's shovelware.

The Vita's game library in it's first year has been exceptional. Probably the best line up of games on any system in it's first year. If they continue that trend the Vita has a great life ahead of it.
Mr_Writer85  +   1056d ago
But, what is a good game counts as opinion the 10-20 games you think are quality 5 of them I might say are poor.

But then 5 games I think are good you might not agree. There are 4 million Vita owners ATM. So the chances of 90 of those 100 games not appealing to even 1,000 of those 4million is very low.
tachy0n  +   1057d ago
Gravity Rush 2 HAS to be in there!
dafegamer  +   1057d ago
I think that GR2 might not be making it this year. Its an AAA quality title and the devs are polishing the hell out of it. Sometime in 2014 would make more sense for development reasons
#11.1 (Edited 1057d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
rainslacker  +   1057d ago
I'd like to see them push out another new IP and not milk the GR franchise. I know tearaway is coming, and it looks like fun, but would like to see another adventure or RPG game from Sony to build the Vita library.:)
a_bro  +   1057d ago
hopefully these games come with a price cut. but those stastics prove that people love the vita. it just needs a kick in the butt for it to start rolling.
#12 (Edited 1057d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1057d ago
E3 is going to be huuuuuuuuuuugggeee!!!

The Vita is one of the best handheld I have ever owned! Second only to my modded PSP 2000.
#13 (Edited 1057d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Protagonist  +   1057d ago
PS Vita FTW!!!
Rezka  +   1057d ago
I'm hoping for a gow title
Gravity_DoGG  +   1057d ago
10 friends in real life is better than 100 on facebook
Kingthrash360  +   1057d ago
Correction...1 friend is better than 100 on facebook
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   1056d ago
Once PS4 releases this year, theoretically, wont you be able to play EVERY and any Sony game on the Vita through Gaikai streaming and Vita remote play?

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