New screenshots of GT5: Prologue; splitscreen

Dutch website PS Only published three new screenshots of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, including one showing the all-new splitscreen mode.

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mighty_douche3725d ago

Split screen's looking good! Nice to see they haven't cropped/stretched the image or anything.

Anyone know if you'll be able to go online with split screen? I don't think its possible with Prologue.

LSDARBY3725d ago

Nah, it aint splitscreen online.

This month is gonna drag now lol

Cwalat3725d ago

won't happen, ... but i think this is only for EU version ?

rushbd3725d ago

peds go. it seems some environmental details were let go to achieve splitscreen. still it's all good.

ruibing3725d ago

The extra cards, drift mode, and split-screen is for North America as well.

spandexxking3725d ago

good spotting! il let that one slide PD!

Killjoy30003724d ago

And speeking of which they really need to bring those robots to life!!

Lord Anubis3724d ago

that's a different track but there will still be some sacrifices.

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GavLam883725d ago

Cant wait! I just have to hang on until the end of this month :P

Utalkin2me3725d ago

I was pretty excited about this game until i played the demo.

redmamoth3725d ago

What Demo was that you were playing then? It can't have been GT5:P since its not coming out on the 360!

cellypower3725d ago

all your posts are negative to ps3 games.

fenderputty3725d ago

you're not fooling anyone. You don't even know that the demo was for GTHD which never happened. GT5 is a different game. Go be excited in the other zone. You won't loose bubbles over there and, I won't have to see you spout of random crap.

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The story is too old to be commented.