Telltale’s The Walking Dead Coming to PS Vita

Today, IGN can confirm that season one of Telltale’s The Walking Dead will be coming to PlayStation Vita this year.

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Snookies122067d ago

Wow, that's really interesting! Did they ever fix the horrid disc versions of the game though? I bought it day one, and it's just been sitting there because it lags so bad.

Skate-AK2067d ago

Bummer. I have the digital version and it works perfect.

MastaMold2067d ago

Nice, been wanting to buy this game for my PS3 on blu-ray but now i'm getting it on Vita.

Sent from my undead PS Vita

Snookies122067d ago

Yeah, just make sure to get the DIGITAL version. I'm telling you man, the disc version was riddled with lag and severely poor framerate. The digital versions however were just fine. :]

The game itself though, is simply wonderful. It's one of the few games I'd want everyone to play through at least one time.

Apollosupreme2066d ago

What does it matter? Vita doesn't take discs.

This announcement is awesome. This illustrates perfectly the kind of edge the Vita has and will have on most handhelds.

Snookies122066d ago

Yes, I know the Vita uses carts instead of discs, but the coding of the game would still be the same regardless.

Chaos_Raiden2067d ago

Great news for PS Vita owners. I wish they will fix the console versions from bugs and glitches if possible.

brettyd2067d ago

Was hoping this would eventually come to vita.

Chicago85062067d ago

I was really hoping for this :)
Been enjoying the free episode on iPad and was curious how it would work on Vita.
M looking forward to this.

Game on.

abzdine2067d ago

Vita is getting some good love, i hope players shoz the same so we keep getting games in it.

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The story is too old to be commented.