Volition Defends Saints Row's Silliness: 'Sometimes People Just Want A Release' reports: "With Saints Row IV set to push the series even further towards the guilty pleasure end of the gaming spectrum, Volition have defended its OTT tone, suggesting that many players crave games willing to provide fun over grit."

"Clearly we're not doing that!" scoffed Saints Row gameplay designer Scott Phillips when I asked him what he thought of some recent suggestions that the franchise ought to take itself more seriously. "I disagree with the idea that 'all games need to be the same,' or 'everything needs to be serious.' There are lots of genres of movies for a reason, lots of genres of books and TV shows. People don't always want the same thing. Sometimes they just want a release."

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someoneoncetoldme2066d ago

All games don't need to be the same, but this game is just over the top and not in a good way. The problem is it's silliness all throughout the game for no real reason. The game has nothing to do with silliness. If you take the dildos & blowjob dolls out, it's not a silly game. It's like they just threw all of the bullshit in with no rhyme or reason and it's stupid. I get what they're saying, but they did not execute this idea well at all.