Volition "see this as the end of this 'Saga'" with Saints Row IV, 'taken to the brink'

The Saints Row team over at Volition Inc. is "conscious of the fact" they've done all they can with the 3rd Street Saints and so will be drawing this 'saga' to a close with Saints Row IV - but it isn't over for the series.

There are still "a load of possibilities" to explore with the ballsy action sandbox series, but they've taken it "as far as we possibly can" right now. Not sure "what the hell else" they could do.

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claud32066d ago

I am happy it is the end... But if they came back and did a new one

Do the first and second saint's row on the next gen consoles

That would be awesome

PhoenixRising372066d ago

if they do another saints row after this one then people will do nothing but cry and complain. i would be annoyed too because i don't want to see yet another series get milked to death.

iamlegend99992066d ago

"taken to the brink" You went passed the brink once you put super powers in the game

HarryB2066d ago

Yeah went to the brink...fighter jets and dildos ddt somone on the ground lol. You brinked it alright.

Blaze9292066d ago

they just need to go back to their roots. Saints Row was actually a fun game but still had a point. Saints Row 2 improved on all that, made it fun and silly but still was a nice game then to add 100% co-op made it even sweeter.

Saints Row 3 was all sorts of bad. Story didnt make no sense, missions were all a joke. The game was a joke.

Doesnt look like itll change much from this. And im shocked they had a release date same day as announcement so soon after SR3. Seems like this was an expansion of SR3 or maybe a dropped idea...

SilentNegotiator2066d ago

SR2 was definitely best. Good story and just grounded enough.