You should have played... Spyro the Dragon Trilogy (PSN)

Dedicated fans have cried out for a return to his roots for over ten years. This may not be the desired sequel, but it’s definitely going to give Spyro’s early adventures another opportunity to shine.

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DA_SHREDDER2067d ago

spyro 1 and 2 are still fun till this day. feel like playin it right now.

WilliamH2067d ago

Spyro 2 & 3 are probably the most fun I have had on the PS1. Not really a fan of the first one.
I love the Skelos Badlands level in Spyro 2. The flying powerup never gets old! Even better you can buy all 3 games on the EU PSN for 10 euros, a no brainer really.

ShugaCane2067d ago

Gateway to Glimmer !!!!! I want that Spyro back !!!

Detoxx2067d ago

I still have the PS1 version and played it a couple months ago on my PS3, the game is just amazing and fun to play

JsonHenry2067d ago

You should also have played the Gex series.

Williamson2067d ago

Spyro 3 was the first one I played and it amazing, and because of it I went on to play the ratchet and clank series.

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