Killzone: Mercenary PS Vita preview: Hands-on with the shooter the handheld deserves - OPM

OPM find out whether the Helghast can cut it on PS Vita's first Killzone.

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dragonyght1401d ago

"And the one that it needs"

sorry couldn't resist -_- haha

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31401d ago

It's not like you're wrong or anything.

Irishguy951401d ago

Ya, they need just 1 great shooter, just to prove the system can do it. This game looks great be honest I think i'll like this campaign more than the other games campaigns.

GreenRanger1401d ago

I hope they release a demo of this game.

Sithlord-Gamble1401d ago

I can't wait to buy this. This game is the reason I bought a Vita in the first place.
Here's to hoping for a LE Vita bundle to go with it.

Rezka1401d ago

They change the release date I cant wait any longer

r211401d ago

20th September? A week after GTA V launches makes more sense IMO.

Apollosupreme1399d ago

Would this Killzone really be in competition with GTA5? If anything it would have made more sense to bump it up a week if they were worried about GTA5.

r211399d ago

Well as long as its not released on the same day of GTA V, it has a chance of getting a huge chunk of sales.

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