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Mounce2012d ago

Yea, seriously....

"We've been working on a little something, different from our other games" - - -

And even so, it's set in the Warcraft universe, LOL. Different from their other games yet part of the only 3 franchises they have. Are they afraid of making a new IP or what? Outside of Starcraft, Diablo and Warcraft. Diablo of which they didn't even technically make (Blizzard North)

Aaroncls72012d ago

Wow lol, Blizzard you fking suck!

NYC_Gamer2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

I was real excited until the actual announcement

Jdoki2012d ago

Blizzard are rapidly moving from a 'Day 1 purchase, no questions asked' developer, to a 'Wait and see if it's any good and probably not bother' developer.

WoW... Got boring years ago
Starcraft 2 - Pre-ordered... Ok, but ultimately disappointing
Diablo 3 - Pre-ordered... Mediocre and frustrating game
Starcraft 2 expansion... Pass
Hearthstone... Pass
Titan... Expectations reduced massively

Perjoss2012d ago

Totally agree, isn't this thing heading to ipad also? to me that just smells like it fell from the top of the micro transaction tower and landed on the back of a micro transaction truck that was heading for micro transaction city.

LightofDarkness2012d ago

Called it. Seriously, I said it would be a mobile game when they teased it like a week ago. Anything for a taste of that iTunes money, I suppose.

noxeven2012d ago

I was excited to attend this but after being turned away for the theater being full im glad knowing what the game is

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