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nrvalleytime2067d ago

So many good memories with this game. Never understood how people had so much hate for it - it's just great.

Lucreto2067d ago

Fans are fickle people.

They hated the game but when FFXII came out the hate moved to that and people like FFX.

With FF XIII people started hating that and I see more love for FF XII now.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

Actually I still dislike XII but like XIII. FFX I liked but never finished so I will buy the remaster for sure.

DA_SHREDDER2067d ago

If im not mistaken, everyone didn't hate FFX. However, most people did not like FF X-2. And thats when the series went downhill. If anything FFX was considered one of the best stories in gaming ever created. I do find it funny they are adding FFX-2 on the disc for free cause that's about what it's worth, nothing. lol But hey at least its better than FF12 and FF13

Tei7772067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

I adore XII, lazy combat and mundane story... but awesome world and exploration!

Blastoise2067d ago

I loved 12, I hope one day we get that on the Vita too.


Story was indeed a bit lame, but I thought the combat was great

AsimLeonheart2067d ago

Only when something worse comes people realise they were better off in the past. :-) Anyway, the game looks just great in HD! Looks like they reworked even the textures in he background. This looks like one of the proper HD remasters that have been released on the PS3 and not like the poor DMC and Silent Hill remasters.

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Heavenly King2067d ago

the character design sucks. The game is great, but the character design sucks. and maybe that is why they tweaking the faces this time.

WilliamH2067d ago

Who pissed in your cornflakes this morning grumpy

GenericNameHere2066d ago

I didn't mind the design. I thought they were pretty good (especially Lulu. Nomura went all out adding a bajillion zippers and belts all around her. Plus, her character model was hot. Goth, big-boobed, and hot... Too bad Wakka went all funky on her)

Anyways, anyone only used some characters? I found Tidus, Khimari, Wakka, and Riku completely worthless (that's 4 out of the 7 characters!!). I kept using Aaron, Lulu, and Yuna because they were the strongest and dealt the most damage (well, as far as I went). They were all the same levels, about the same amount of stuff in the Sphere Grid, and had gotten almost everyone's ultimate weapons, but I could barely hit the 9999 (or 999, I forget) damage mark with those 4 characters. Maybe it's just I wasn't good at optimizing my characters. Sphere Grid was only about halfway done when I beat the game.

InTheZoneAC2066d ago

I'll be the only one to agree simply because you didn't just bash the game, you provided a valuable opinion.

why did 28 trolls get mad that YOU THOUGHT the character design sucked?

you didn't just come out and say the game sucked, it's for gay people, I hate it, characters suck, blah blah blah.

It's amazing how trolls are compelled to disagree without much thought process.

btw I never played this game...

rainslacker2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )


Because us 28 "trolls" didn't think the character design sucked. Just because he gave an opinion doesn't mean we agree with it. He also didn't really qualify why he thought they sucked.

I could say "X game sucks", and it would be a valid opinion...just not a constructive one, thus while valid, not really "valuable". If he elaborated on why he thought it sucks, then it would be worth discussing.

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CLOUD19832067d ago

"So many good memories with this game. Never understood how people had so much hate for it - it's just great."

w8 what? o.O who hate FFX r u serious? ~.~ FFX is my 2nd all time favorite FF game after FFVII, & as I know FFX have sold over 8 million pieces, it's the 2nd best selling FF after FFVII.

Those who hate FFX if those ppl exist r nothing compare to ppl who hate other FF like VIII or XII & XIII yep much more hate those other FF.

DOMination-2066d ago

I don't hate X but i think its overrated. I posted why yesterday so check ny history if you care. For me it was nowhere near the standard of 6-9 which i adore. Just my opinion though.

WalterWJR2066d ago

I don't remember there being much hate for this game. especially in Europe anyway. I remember going to spain on holiday and loads of ppl wearing ffx t shirts.

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belac092067d ago

i LOVE both games, i am so glad they will both be on the vita!!!!

Aceman182067d ago

Same I'll be buying both for my Vita.

PsnGammer212067d ago

Day one vita buy for both but if there is cross save holy shit will have both versions day one

Lucreto2067d ago

I can't wait for it.

I hope it will release during the summer.

Chaos_Raiden2067d ago

YES!!! I hope that it will be released soon.

Minato-Namikaze2067d ago

For some reason, i read that as the games were coming to the west on monday the 25th. Completely missed "trailer" in that sentence, lol =_=

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