When new GTA V info coming?, "No Time-Frame" says Rockstar

Rockstar Games has just stated that they can't share any time-frame as to when new details about GTA V will be revealed. The developer however promised that there's lot more things related to GTA V coming in the months leading upto game release.

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claud31949d ago

I am happy with this and would not get annoyed... Means they are working hard

loulou1948d ago

working hard on the ps4/next xbox launch title hopefully.

DeadlyFire1947d ago

We will see more before October. I expect next trailer will be E3 trailer at Nintendo conference. Yes I said that correctly.

Either way E3 is most likely time to see something solid said about the game. Only two months away from that.

Muffins12231948d ago

It will be out before the ps4 is out...

N0S3LFESTEEM1948d ago

I bet you if dogs are really in the game you'd feel more guilt running over one than plowing into a group of people XD.

Cam9771948d ago

Dogs are cute, people aren't.

Donnieboi1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

And innocent & loyal. People on the other hand are just douchebags deep down inside :P

TheModernKamikaze1948d ago

I've gone insane, I check back the Pending News for new info, no luck. Also 178 days left.

TemplarDante1948d ago

I cancelled my PS3 pre-order..
Im very confident their going to port it next gen. So Watch_Dogs is going to have to tide me over till GTA is PS4 side.
Gotta say.. the strange pricing where I live also made me question this..

GTA V was listed as $70...

Cam9771948d ago

Yeah, so did I when I heard of the delay. I've been waiting since R* were seen in Hollywood taking pictures and to be quite frank, I'm just bored now. I'll stil get it but my hype has been crushed. I pray for a next gen release.

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