Gears of War: Judgment Review | ActionTrip

ActionTrip: "Having played this game for days, we have to say that its arrival did not manage to bring back the days of Gears of War glory. A decent enough shooter? Yes. Anything beyond that?Well, no, not really. We’re directing our biggest complaint to both Epic and People Can Fly for failing to achieve much on the single-player front. The atmosphere kind of lacks all that tension and excitement from previous games (think Gears of War 2). As a multiplayer ride, GoW: Judgment may have what it takes to keep most players occupied, but the main campaign suffers due to weak plot structure and terrible characterization. Shortcomings aside, there’s still room for fun in Gears of War: Judgment. That, however, is mostly directed to the multiplayer component and the new-fangled mission modifiers. Other than that, it feels like an average shooter in an overly crowded market of average shooters."

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