Bournemouth University Students Working On Title For PS4

A team of seven students from Bournemouth University are working on a release for the upcoming PlayStation 4.

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iGAM3R-VIII1973d ago

At least we know that what the PS4 event told us was true, it is friendly to all indie game creators

BlaqMagiq241973d ago

Well it's a developer friendly console after all. Let everyone in on the fun.

ChronoJoe1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

They're not working on the PS4. They have no SDK or dev unit, and they're working with Unreal 3. The game shown there is being crafted for a 'create something unreal' contest.

They're students at my university. I know a little about what they're working on through the gaming society. They're on the same course as some of my friends.

They're building the game on PC, but theoretically it could run on anything. That's all they intended to mean, it seems.

dannylilley1973d ago

That's true but in their interview they did say that if they win 'Make Something Unreal' then they'd aim for it to be a PS4 launch game.

spoonard1972d ago

Interesting indeed. I hope to hear more about this.