Project Versus J Countdown Site Launched

Namco Bandai has launched a teaser site for Project Versus J, the Jump crossover game for PS3 and Vita.10 days left.

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nyobzoo1769d ago

was wondering what happened to this game, hopefully they'll have a release date soon

IAMERROR1769d ago

if this game doesn't get localized I will cry...

Simon_Brezhnev1769d ago

They probably wont localize it well it depends. Since its so many shows if has to get licensed for each one.

Endless_X1769d ago

Finally we are getting something.

SoundGamer1769d ago

From what I understand, they're just revealing another character (which I'm guessing will be Naruto since he was already leaked).

Though, I would be happy with more.

Endless_X1769d ago

10 days countdown for just 1 character reveal ? hmmm I don't know, we might get something else.

Williamson1768d ago

I would loved to see some bleach and yu yu hakusho characters in the game.

CNCOMICS1768d ago

My hopes are actually high for a localization.

The reason being is that Namco Bandai also has the Western video game license for all three of these franchises, and then Funimation has the Western video game license for the voice acting. And for good measure, Viz Media also has the Western license on the printed side. And all three of these business seem to work together very well.

No license-localization nightmare. That's almost what killed Tatsunoko vs Capcom from crossing over the Pacific.

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