Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – A Newcomer’s Diary

GodisaGeek: "I’m an RPG player by choice. There’s nothing I like more than creating a character, naming them, choosing their appearance, profession, personality, and tossing them into a world full of dungeons to raid, monsters to slay and loot to pilfer. As a general rule, I’ve a western bent, and would choose Dragon Age over Final Fantasy, Skyrim over Atelier, Dragon’s Dogma over Monster Hunter any day of the week.

But recently, having played the demo of the Wii U port of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, I was asked to write an analysis of the 3DS version to go alongside our Wii U review. Being almost entirely clueless about the franchise – but being a fearless, intrepid games writer – I accepted the challenge with both hands and entered the strange world of Capcom’s hugely successful series. It’s now been five whole days, but what have I learned?"

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stragomccloud2096d ago

Welcome fellow Monster Hunter!

Seriously, everyone who has a 3DS or Wii U should be getting this game, there's nothing quite like it.

MJF2096d ago

Haha. A few weeks ago I'd have argued that, but having spent the last week writing this article, I'm inclined to agree. I wish I'd gotten into the franchise sooner!

stragomccloud2096d ago

It's a lot of fun, but the game really makes you work for it. You're article really mirrored my own experience with the original version.

YoungPlex2096d ago

Get a 3DS XL and it'll fix your issue with a tiny screen and bulky hands, it'll fit perfectly and you'll enjoy it just as much as the Wii U version! I'm enjoying both, one at work and the other at home when I transfer my game from work!

MJF2095d ago

I think I'll probably just pick up the Wii U version. Been playing the demo and it's impressing me now I understand what the hell is going on! :)

YoungPlex2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

Dude, I was the same way, but now I'm hunting and creating items left and right! I'm glad I held off on the Wii version because this game is something special.

At first I bought the Wii U version and was thinking that I didn't need the 3DS version but I'm TOTALLY glad I bought it at the same time. I got to work on Wednesday and we were down for a couple of hours right off the bat so I cracked open the 3DS XL and started my character and quests. Friday came by and I'm off till Monday so I decided to transfer it over to the Wii U, I haven't stopped since... I swear it's worth getting both if you can afford it and are heavily vested in it. I am, so it's totally is worth it for me! I have transferred between the two systems four or five times already and sometimes just play online with the 3DS with the MH3 online app for the Wii U, which lets the 3DS bridge to the Wii U server and it works flawlessly! I'm glad Capcom remastered both, one in native HD 1080p/60fps and the other in stereoscopic 3D, which looks great if you have a 3DS XL.