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GP writer Brittany Vincent reviews Aliens: Colonial Marines on Xbox 360.

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KaptainJ2066d ago

I miss the good ol' days, when licensed games were actually good. Good times...

Kos-Mos2066d ago

Aliens for Snes were a blast. It`s too easy to earn money these days. People don`t care for quality. Just look at: gears, cod, gow, me, halo, skyrim, gta, killzone. All high budget games without any depth.

masteroftheclaw2066d ago

It's a shame Alien fans didn't get a great game from Gearbox, but at least they have a whole library of other titles to fall back on until another one comes :).

Grimhammer002066d ago

4gb patch just came out! Woot woot!
No amount if patching is going to fix this I'm afraid.

Kornholic2066d ago

With all the bashing this game has received, I'm pretty ashamed to admit I actually like this game and enjoy especially the multiplayer proportion of the game.