‘Beyond: Two Souls’ Selected for Tribeca Film Festival

Analog Addiction writes: "Sony has announced Beyond: Two Souls has been chosen as an Official Selection by Tribeca Film Festival, the first such selection for a video game of this kind.

PlayStation Blog have announced they will host a live-stream of the April 27 event, which will showcase a 1-hour scene from the game, debut a major trailer and all new behind-the-scenes footage."

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW2071d ago


This is one reason why I believe Sony is needed in gaming.

I am a Nintendo Fanboy but I believe all the current gaming console makers bring something great that furthers the industry as a whole.

(Yes, I know that Quantic Dreams is choosing to be exclusive but they backed by Sony and they seem to share a similar passion for Merging movie concepts and games. Making games that are Movie-Like and have Strong Narrative driven games.)

I have always wanted Video Game Industry to be just a broad in content as the Book, Television, and Film Industry.

This is another Milestone...

camel_toad2071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

Yep from their past games and of course how great Beyond is looking QD deserves recognition outside of the gaming industry.

They always manage to pull off the perfect blend of gaming and storytelling (movie if you will) and makes the player feel like a real part of their games.

ShugaCane2071d ago

It's not the first game to be selected by that film festival if I'm correct, LA Noire was presented back in 2011. Anyway, that's a good publicy for the game, and video games in general as well. Hopefully it will incite even more developers to go further into storytelling and come up with thought-provoking experiences.

TongkatAli2071d ago

The facial animations on that game are terrific.

Jamiex662071d ago

Sony reported on their Blog it was the first of "this kind". I also saw the LA Noire selection before, maybe they were different types of selection? I am not too sure how film festivals work in all honesty lol

ShugaCane2071d ago

I don't know either lol. But I assume both games have been selected for a simple presentation, not in any particular categories. That's just a guess, though.

Sweelix2071d ago

great news, will be my fav movie this year

medman2071d ago

Hahahah..that's funny.

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