Best Buy selling Wii U for $249 right now

That's right. Right now Best Buy has slashed $50 off the Wii U Basic Set price and is selling the console for $249.99.

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lilbroRx2067d ago

It's already been confirmed that price isn't the problem, so what is the point of these now?

LOL_WUT2067d ago

This is for North America, the other ones were for Europe. You shouldn't get upset over this, which I think is good news for those people who were holding out even though it's only for the basic model. Hopefully the 32GB gets the same deal. ;)

KrisButtar2067d ago

its an American sale, Canada doesn't have the deal as of yet at are BestBuy :(

Clarence2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

I still don't think these will do much. The Wii U is not appealing to the masses. The Wii success had a lot to do with motion controls. Senior citizen are not buying the Wii U, and the kids are all grown up now. That gimmick has worn off, and the tablet gimmick isn't working. Nintendo has become the casual gaming company.

Most people are now wanting a more hardcore console.

miyamoto2067d ago

its a modified 3DS strategy