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IGN: "Going in, I had to question whether Infinite could live up to the BioShock name after having discarded its signature world of Rapture, with its Big Daddies and Little Sisters and warring philosophies, and starting from scratch. On the way out, I'm forced to seriously question which is the better game. In total, BioShock Infinite is a brilliant shooter that nudges the entire genre forward with innovations in both storytelling and gameplay. It trips over itself in a couple of spots, but not in any way that should keep you from embracing it with your utmost enthusiasm."

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dasbeer882094d ago

I can wait. IGN tends to exaggerate their scores on pretty much EVERY game. So I'll be waiting for other review scores to decide whether Bioshock 3 is worth trying.

LOGICWINS2094d ago

I hope you actually read these reviews instead of scrolling down to the score. A lot of work goes into writing one of these you know.

I'm a little disappointed that Move wasn't mentioned. Does this game still support it?

FlunkinMonkey2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )


Then maybe you should retain a little more of a 'half glass full' approach to a successor to one of the best storytelling/storylines in gaming. The term of whether the game is "worth trying" seems ridiculous to me, but maybe i'm just more of a fan of the series than youself.


I did read the full review but people can do what they like mate.. What a dream job this reviewer has, I can't say I would refer to a review on an amazing game as "A lot of work" when comparing to other more mundane, labour intensive and mind numbing jobs.

DOMination-2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Game reviewing is not that glamorous. For every Bioshock there are ten awful games which you HAVE to sit down and complete. I would rather choose what to play.

Ps. High score for this was never in doubt. Levine never disappoints.

Kran2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Better than Destructoid's reviews.

Blacktric2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

"Levine never disappoints."

Someone haven't seen the ending yet.

MikeMyers2094d ago

Nice to read about the PC version, looks good.

Ashunderfire862094d ago


Move is already confirmed for Bioshock Infinite, yes you can play it with the move. I gonna play it on my PC in HD glory on Alienware GTX690. PC, 360, and PS3 gamers game victorious!!!!

Sony3602094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

I think 9.4 is a safe bet, even if you don't trust IGN. Try actually reading the reviews and see what points they make?

DOMination-2093d ago

"Someone haven't seen the ending yet."

No, I don't tend to spoil games by reading about the ending before the game is even released. I'm sure it's not that bad, and besides, you're talking to somebody who has a mass effect avatar.

Blacktric2093d ago

"I'm sure it's not that bad, and besides, you're talking to somebody who has a mass effect avatar."

Oh boy... All I can say for you is; don't get your hopes high. It honestly made me feel like crap for even getting the early copy my friend had. By all means, it's a good game overall but it all falls apart at the ending.

Statix2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Not sure why you got so many disagrees, but IGN HAS historically inflated their scores quite a bit for big-name games.

With that said, Bioshock Infinite looks fantastic, and I can't wait to play it (gotta finish Bioshock 1 first, though). Almost all the footage shown in the video review was from the PS3 version, and it looks beautiful, so I'm not terribly worried about a shoddy port on that platform.

Bimkoblerutso2093d ago

Jesus Christ. Couldn't possibly just be happy about a good score for the sequel to one of the best games of all time.

The internet, ladies and gentlemen.

Ritsujun2093d ago

It's gonna become FREE on PS+ anyway.

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AngelicIceDiamond2094d ago

Good score? The damn things nearly perfect!?

da_2pacalypse2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

And his dislikes seemed like he was nitpicking a lot. Not sure how you can complain about having too many combat options during combat without having the buttons to map them on. This is console gaming, I think we're all used to it by now lol

Sure ME3 doesn't get any negative points for it... but god forbid Ken Levine has a similar system...

_QQ_2094d ago

@the guy above me
the thing is with keyboard all those are quickly accessible via hotkeys, it's not that the controller sucks it's just that there is a better alternative.

t0mmyb0y2093d ago

I traded New Super Mario Bros Wii and Mario Party 9 and got the preorder free from Gamestop. This score wets mine pants'.

showtimefolks2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

its already pre ordered the only thing is i wish it was more like 20-25 hrs long. And that's not complaining that's just wishing this great game lasts for a long long time.

can't wait to pick this and God of War next Tuesday(i know GOW came earlier but i am picking up both that day)


i don't know why you have so many disagrees when its a proven fact IGN gives out high scores compare to other sites

but i wouldn't be surprised if this game has a 90% and above rating after all the reviews are in, its suppose to be that good

badz1492094d ago

Kinda expected something like this from an exclusive review.

Hufandpuf2094d ago

If I paid for it, I'd expect a 9.5 not a 9.4 lol

RyuCloudStrife2094d ago

9.4 lol just not good enough for 9.5

_QQ_2094d ago

well the pc version is lol.

Thefreeman0122094d ago

But apparently ME3 was a 9.5 by ign standards....

Sony3602093d ago


Is that supposed to mean something?

Mass Effect 3 was terrific.

inb4 "but the ending!1"

finbars752094d ago

Cant wait myself but it seems like hes bashing the console version quit a bit.I dont understand why its not so great on console but wonderful on the pc considering that Bioshock 1 was originally realeased on the xbox360 before PC and PS3.Sounds a little weird to me considering that this game has been pushed for over 2 years now.I mean look at the great games that are out now and coming out and theres no problems with graphics or other small attachments to the game.

Irishguy952094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

The Specs for the PC version are incredibly high for a Multiplat. I can run Skyrim on high settings with my PC

I can only run Bioshock on minimum

So obviously unlike most devs they actually put alot of care into the PC version. Opposite to the PC version of Bioshock 1 which was just a straight port and even had some issues with running

HarryMasonHerpderp2094d ago

And this is why IGN had exclusive review rights.

belac092094d ago ShowReplies(1)
Aquanox2093d ago

PC Version has 9.5. They knocked 1 point off the console's versions for their framerate and poor texturing. To be expected from 6-7 year old boxes.

Abdou232093d ago

Pretty much Game Of generation for me.

starchild2093d ago

I loved the first one. Can't wait for Infinite. Getting the PC version.

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Belking2094d ago

Great score! This actually has a chance at GOTY along with Last of US and Metro Last Light.

clintagious6502094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Nope, "The Walking Dead Survival Instinct" will win GOTY. /s

Kanzes2094d ago

Nope. I'm sure Aliens Colonial Marines will win GOTY /s

mamotte2094d ago

Oh, please. We all know Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut will be the best game this gen.

Ragthorn2094d ago

With Gearbox software as studio of the year!

Ashunderfire862094d ago

Metro Last Light may take the spot light for best FPS shooter. But I already got Bioshock Infinite(waiting for preload on PC) and waiting for Last of Us on Amazon.

Ragthorn2092d ago


first1NFANTRY2094d ago

great score. i've never played any of the bioshock games but i'm eager to check them out.

I know at some point they'll release a trilogy pack. i may just hold off until then. still have plenty of games in my library i need to play.

OhMyGandhi2094d ago

While the second Bioshock was pretty damn fun.
You need to play the first. now.

Swiggins2094d ago

Agree'd, if you haven't spoiled the ending for yourself (and that would have to be a miracle at this point) I highly suggest you go out, find a used copy (It'll only be like $10) and play through it.

Bioshock 1 was amazing, pure and simple, and this looks like it'll stand right alongside it.

Kurt Russell2094d ago

Don't ber so pushy, ask him nicely.

Would you kindly play the first Bioshock?

darren_poolies2093d ago

Buy the PS3 version of Infinite and you get the first Bioshock for free!

PersonaCat2094d ago

If you plan on getting it for PS3 it comes with Bioshock. Also, if you had PS+ for a while, they had Bioshock 2 as part of the instant game collection. Boom, you now have the trilogy haha.

hawkeyejonjon2094d ago

@first1NFANTRY There is a Double Bioshock Pack with all the DLC packs. It has Bioshock 1, Bioshock 2, & All of Bioshock 2's DLC for $30-$40.

barb_wire2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Well if you get the PS3 version of 'Infinite', 'Bioshock' is included. You can get 'Bioshock 2' for $10 at Gamestop.

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SeraphimBlade2094d ago

Taking it with a nice pile of salt, since they had "exclusive" rights to the review. That said, I'm still completely stoked. As soon as that second 9 comes in on Tuesday, I am out the door to go buy this.