Bioshock Infinite PC Review | IGN

IGN: "Would you kindly play BioShock Infinite? Gameplay and the story combine for a majorly memorable shooter."

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Jio2010d ago

Already have it pre-ordered on Steam, can't wait!

-Superman-2010d ago

Higher score on PC, yeah, always best on PC :)

Aquanox2009d ago

They wouldn´t knock off more points for console´s vesion unless they want a fanboy riot but in reality, the difference if much bigger than 1 decimal. 60fps, 1080p, high res textures and DX11 effects are a HUGE improvement over the console´s versions.

aquamala2009d ago

seriously, I can't wait!

CaulkSlap2010d ago

Amazon digital download of it (steam copy anyways) comes with X-Com and a $30 credit toward 2k games downloads.

LAWSON722009d ago

This is a great deal can use that $30 on gta v

Ashunderfire862009d ago

Same here all in HD glory with my GTX 690. PC gamers game victorious!!!

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timmyp532010d ago

Still chugging along in Dishonored. Now I have to buy this!

grailly2009d ago

dishonored was a hard game to finish I thought, it starts out really good and some how gets less and less exiting towards the end.

Sketchy_Galore2010d ago

Uh oh, 0.1 points higher than the console versions. Sound the alarms. Things are about to get seriously ugly in here.

MariaHelFutura2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Honestly, it's just weird to give it 0.1 higher. Almost pointless.

Pandamobile2010d ago

They cited the better graphics and being able to select between vigors & weapons without having to pause the game.

MariaHelFutura2010d ago

Still, that adds up to a 0.1? As trivial as it sounds 9.7-9.8 would make more sense. Whatever though, Bioshock Infinite will be great where ever people choose to play it.

joab7772010d ago

Its almost as if they try and decipher where metacritic might lie. Though, its knida wierd that it got only a couple fractions of a point higher than Gears of War Judgement. Everything about this game is unbelievable except a bit in the middle. Though i would argue that it may be alright to have a few hours in which u try out all ur cool toys. Also, i am lost as to how u reach the arbitrary conclusion that it isnt genre saving. Anyway, i simply cant wait. I want to see if my plot twist guess is anywhere near reality. I can almost bet one thing though, when I am done playing, i will be wondering, what deserves a 10?

overrated442010d ago

While point 1 does seems a bit meaningless the things that are improved such as the framerate and better controls seem like they would cause a slightly higher score than the basically unnecessary ".1".

Sweelix2010d ago

another supreme victory for the PC master race

DEATHSTROKE-cro-2010d ago

can master race play Uncharted 2 (GOTY), God Of War, Last Of Us, Beyond, Journey, LBP, Heavenly Sword, inFamous, Halo, Gears, Mario,Zelda....

no, you play GTA4 as a giraffe. nice

Sweelix2010d ago

who needs those games when we have sim city

towelie12882010d ago Show
DEATHSTROKE-cro-2010d ago

LOL getting disagrees for telling a fact

yeah, you really enjoyed Sim City with all the problems in last weeks.

Planetside on PS4 was teased so yeah, I'll play it :-)

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