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Fighting Sexism With Blind Panic – A World Gone Mad

A man and a woman are out of a job, sites have been attacked and rape threats have been sent out – what happened? Why? And what can be done? Daily Reaction’s Seb and Dan discuss. (Industry, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

doctorstrange  +   740d ago
Nobody can stop me doing dongle jokes.
Foolsjoker  +   740d ago
That is what the founding fathers wanted.
dbjj12088  +   740d ago
I hate that "rape" has turned into this slang for "I beat you in a game." It's such a heinous and hateful crime.
Wedge19  +   740d ago
And aggravated rape is a constantly used joke inHyperdimension Neptunia V. It's sad how socially entitled society feels to their own specific ideals and ignorance.
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armycore  +   739d ago
People say "you got murdered that round" as well. Funny how we don't have people asking for that to stop because murder, well that doesn't have deep emotion effects on victims. They're just dead.
dbjj12088  +   739d ago
Most games involve murdering thousands of faceless online opponents. The word describes the action on screen. Nothing about "rape" describes what's happening on screen when you get a headshot or a knife kill.
Hicken  +   739d ago
What armycore said. Before it had anything to do with games, it was also used in the military to mean getting royally screwed.

... oh, would you look at that? A connection: getting screwed, f***ed (over), raped. None of them pleasant. All of them have more than just their original meaning. Many words and phrases do.

What is it about gaming that suddenly makes the rules no longer apply? Nobody bats an eye any other time, but as soon as it pops up in gaming...
armycore  +   739d ago
I'm not referring to what you do in a game, I'm referring to when people say it when they're trash talking. And I have been told that I am being murdered in a game that had no killing.
TrendyGamers  +   740d ago
I hadn't heard about this, but it was a great read!
knifefight  +   739d ago
A whole lot of stupid right there.
_FantasmA_  +   739d ago
Nation of pussies. One day even words like jerk will be punishable by law and you will be sued for calling someone fat. Stop crying and ruining it for the rest of us. Rape. Rape. Its just a word. Feminazis shut up.
00  +   739d ago
Wait two guys made a dick joke and the lady got upset and believed that because of that women are oppressed in the

Sounds like she is a troublemaker.
DigitalSmoke  +   739d ago
The more articles are writen, the bigger this sex separation gets.
Crazy feminist lesbiens are attacking manhood daily, in politics and the media.
Turn on the TV and you'll see a women abuse a man, on every single popular show dude's get put down, wile women are untouchable.

Its getting programed into our soceity's by the powers that be, women surpress men with their sex and wantings in life, become servants, and if they don't comply they are seen as bad fathers, dirt bags for leaving the house, or whater dirty spin these out of control women put to it.

Its hard to control a man, its much easier to have he's whife control him.

think about that.
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Donnieboi  +   739d ago
That woman did a huge disservice to other women, which is ironic. Because now male counterparts may exclude women from all forms of insider conversation for fear that she will take offence. Some may even avoid women at the workplace or not hire them altogether, simply for fear of being accused of sexual harrassment (whether said event even actually occurs or not).

She could have simply taken the issue directly to them. But like a punk, she makes a public spectacle BEFORE even trying to settle it directly with the two men. Now their out of work and so is she. Now I wonder why men are afraid to hire women in the industry now -_-. Just stupid.
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MeatAbstract  +   739d ago
What an absolute joke of a situation.

A question to everyone here: how many times in a week do you go to work, be around work colleagues or be on public transport and hear horrible things said?

Personally, I've heard horrible things that go way beyond a childish dongle joke by a couple of geeky guys laughing at a joke amongst friends. I often ignore these things and you know why? Because I don't care and it's non of my business what horrible things people believe in or want to say.

If you have do something, just tell them! But well done Richards, your little stunt cost you and another guy their job. Bravo, feel better now? Do you feel that drawing attention to a guy saying a harmless joke has saved women in the industry?

And because she's a woman, we have to bend over backwards to appease her. Feminist issues making mountains out of molehills AGAIN when there are GENUINE issues in the world and THIS, THIS is what you feel you need to fight for?


Check out this video. I agree 100% with what she says. Simply put, it goes into how men have always been disposable because we've always put women first. Women and Children in the life boat first, the man is expected to lay his life down because, essentially, women are needed to keep the human race going. And again, we're being crapped on because women now demand things to be their way.
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Inception  +   739d ago
I agreed with you mate. And this is why i hate people such as adam sessler / adria richards. They are sooooo oversensitive and overblown simple things when we have more big problems to concern like HIV, war, or hungry kids over gender equality and dirty jokes :(
Deadpool616  +   739d ago
When a adult has an issue with another adult, they politely state that issue with the adult, to solve the issue swiftly and....wait...no no...I'm sorry this information is outdated.

When a adult has an issue with another adult, they quickly lash out about it on the internet for all to see, in an indirect manner. That's the new way to do things.

Joking aside, I'm starting to wonder when adults are going to start being adults when they go about handling these types of situations. This is grade school activity happening here.

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