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Need for Speed: Most Wanted U review - MMGN

MMGN: Need for Speed: Most Wanted U is a high-octane delight full of motoring mayhem, a vibrant landscape and the prefect garage for an arcade racer. With a fantastic competitive streak, thanks to the refined Autolog system that compares your every move against your friends, it’s the same great game we saw last year, shifted to Wii U. All of the control options work well, but I prefer the Pro Controller over the GamePad. Unfortunately there are too many added assists to help lesser skilled players -- who apparently play on Wii U -- and they diminish some of what makes Most Wanted most enjoyable, so I suggest all players ignore them and enjoy Fairhaven by car, not menu, as it is meant to be seen. (Need For Speed Most Wanted U, Wii U) 8.5/10

Nevers0ft  +   835d ago
I really like this game. The graphics are great and it plays well. My only real issues are that the cars handle like crap when you first get them until you've pimped them a little and the game offers you very little direction - you kind of get dumped in Fairhaven and the game goes "Here you go, seeya!"

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