Would Final Fantasy Versus XIII Actually Help To Sell PS4s?

Historically, Final Fantasy has proven to aid PlayStation sales. But the franchise has fallen so far, would Versus XIII actually be a PS4 "system seller?"

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Snookies122094d ago

What if the reason they've refused to share any info on the game for so long, was because it had switched to PS4 exclusivity. That would be interesting lol.

ShugaCane2094d ago

Recent rumors suggest the game has been renamed FFXV and is co-developed with Sony as a PS4 exclusive. If true, I definitely think this is indeed a potential weapon of mass destruction for Sony. FF has always been a system seller so the release of one of the most hyped and anticipated FF of all time will undoubtedly have a huge impact on sales.

a_bro2094d ago

How about this, what if the game switched to ps4, but it's whole development switched from the crystal tools engine to the luminous engine just to add the sprinkles on top?? That would be more than just interesting, that's a bombshell.


Nomura said ages ago they were using luminous for the lighting though this could of been a lie to cover the fact they moved the whole development to luminous! Personally I really hope it is now a ps4 game

kreate2094d ago

And it will be released when we hear rumors about ps5

Godmars2902094d ago

In Japan? Certainly.

If it reviews well there, gets some advertising, then that's the US.

I can't help but have some reservations that since its taken so long to get out, that once going Square seems as set in their ways as a train wreck, that if it is indeed their "Second Coming" that their overall graphics focused/year turn out productions they wont learn from it.

KingKelloggTheWH2094d ago

Versus would get helped by the Ps4 as well as the Ps4 getting helped by it.

By moving Versus Next gen it would allow the game to have a much more open world with far more things in it not to mention the characters could convey emotion much easier which seems to be important to the game being that it has a part that will supposedly make you "cry fro weeks".

Just my 2 cents.

DivineAssault 2094d ago

if the game turns out good, id buy a ps4 for it

WeAreLegion2094d ago

Yes. It would sell it in Japan VERY well.

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The story is too old to be commented.