Ten reasons the PlayStation 3 is the best console ever

Digitally Downloaded writes: "The PlayStation 3 would have to be my favourite games console of all time. I have around 100 game discs and another 200 digitally downloaded pieces of content. When I'm given a multiplatform release I will always choose the PlayStation 3 version.

That is not to say I don't like the other consoles. I enjoy the Wii, the Wii U, the Xbox 360 and the handheld consoles a great deal too - in fact I think this has been the finest generation of gaming in general. As much as the games industry complains and fights within itself at times, consumers are spoiled for choice and quality like they have never been before."

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Ezio20482095d ago

its my favourite console of all time as well

Y_51502095d ago

You and me both. Probably I missed out on soo many great PS2 games and played those games first on PS3. HD collections, High Quality exclusives and great Online capabilities made this console the best for me!

Ezz20132095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

it's the best console this gen for me simply
because it have the games i want
sony since ps1 never failed me once
this year alone i got tone of amazing games to play
Ni No Kuni,sly cooper,GOWA,TLOU,Beyond,Mlb the show 2013 etc more to come

i did my 2nd playthrough on GOWA
this game is beyond EPIC from GFX (best on consoles and the art style is better than any thing i saw)
to Gameplay to story to music

what can i say more ...i'm a happy gamer here :)

but the best console of all time for me is a tie between PS2 and PS1

nix2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

i got one reason why it's the best (this gen) - their exclusive library of games. nothing beats that!


Army_of_Darkness2095d ago

But in terms of best console ever, I would have to say the original PlayStation. Great, great games and memories back then:-)

Blaze9292095d ago

i swear i dont get why articles like this get approved. Opinion pieces like this serve no purpose.

Donnieboi2095d ago

And yet your own personal opinion somehow does serve a purpose? It's called free speech, and people like it because it's getting a high hit count. Don't be mad because your favorite console isn't getting love in this article.

showtimefolks2095d ago

The best console of all time is a playstation but IMO its PS2.

What's amazing about the PS3 is how many people thought it would fail because of many reasons, not enough games early on,high price point,a brand new servic Via PSN and the infamous PSN hack

But Sony has done extremely well, Xbox 360 having a year ahead start has done nothing because IMO Playstation brand is at its strongest at present time and PS4 will blow the competition out of water

This time around there is no hard to develop for console and price will be much better along with games,games and lot of game

PS3 has been nothing but amazing so can't wait to see what PS4 will bring to the table

kreate2095d ago

Well... I do agree ps2 was the best console ....

Godmars2902095d ago

Best console of the worst console generation don't mean much bub...

MysticStrummer2095d ago

Since the headline isn't "Ten reasons the PS3 is the best console this generation", you don't really have a point.

Whether you agree PS3 is best or not, it means something to be the best of all time even if the contemporary competition can't keep up.

TheSaint2095d ago

Please explain to me how this is the worst gen?

Godmars2902095d ago

In terms of creativity and diversity, that "social" elements have greatly impacted how games are made, this is the worst console gen.

Also the never recognized fact that it was rushed into.

GribbleGrunger2095d ago

If it was called FF15 then yes.

Qrphe2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

Not really, unless you got a PS3 for Christmas at an early age

GamersRulz2095d ago

Definitely the best this generation.

Wii: Few good games

Xbox360: Started strong with lots of games, then dropped everything halfway of this gen.

PS3: maintained the same quality ratio throughout the generation, this year it has TLOS, Beyond Two Souls, GOW

no doubt that PS3 is the best console this generation.

AngelicIceDiamond2095d ago

The PS3 is not the best console ever sorry.

wenaldy2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

LOL he said in this generation.

Ezz20132095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

try reading next time

AngelicIceDiamond2095d ago

Ok, I still don't agree with it either way.


Your joking right? How can you say the ps3 maintained the same quality the whole generation when the ps3 had basically no must have games for at least the first 2 years? I agree with what u said about the 360 but the same can be said for the ps3 in reverse. And in my opinion the 360 is the best console this gen for me. Most of my friends game on 360 and I've had way to many incredible moments playing online on 360.

insomnium22095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

" And in my opinion the 360 is the best console this gen for me. Most of my friends game on 360"

You do know that something like that has zero to do with the actual hw or games or ANYTHING for that matter. Your friends game on x360 and you think it's most important to play with your friends. End of story.

Additionally PS3 had many games pretty soon after launch if you live in Europe like I do.

Donnieboi2095d ago

@GamerzRulz: Tell these fools! People don't necessarily have to agree that ps3 is the best of this gen, but any one who dissagrees with the plainly laid out facts u provided is obviously a hater.

People say n4g is full of Sony fanboys, but LOOK AT THE FACTS people, Sony deserves the praise. Looks at how badly Nintendo and MS keep screwing up. It's like games are the least of nintendo and ms's priorities. With such a huge disparity in quality core games between Sony and the "others", no wonder we're seeing more people taking sides in this imagined "war". I was never a fanboy before, and am still not--but credit needed to go where credit was due...and Sony deserves that credit. Never has Sony ever strayed from the core. Hell, they even went from 3rd place, to damn near 1st in HALF a generation's time! THAT is a testimony of the fact they are doing something very, very right!