'Always On, Always Connected' Could be a Serious Mistake for Microsoft's Next Xbox

Forbes - screengrab from the SDK for Microsoft’s next Xbox found by recently reiterated something that we’ve heard a few times.

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hazardman2065d ago

Damn, another article about Nextbox DOOM. Let it go already......we get it "Always on/Kinect Spy 2.0" sucks!

fr0sty2064d ago

No! *waves hand* It's teh fuuuuuutuuuurre!

Ezz20132064d ago

what about we wait untill MS confirm this ...MS can't be this stupid

fr0sty2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

What about... it was a joke. Either way, it's plausible they'd try it. We already see it in the PC world with many games requiring a net connection to play them. 360 did get hit hard by piracy last time. I knew several people who sold modded Xbox 360's.

darthv722064d ago

It seems like there were ideas that sony got from the 360 to make the ps4 more developer friendly. And ideas that MS got from the PS3 to make the 720 more accessible.

Meaning that the ps3 supports an always on,always connected state (even in standby it can be remotely awakened over the internet). The 360 doesnt have that but it could be something they add to the 720.

The 360 was often claimed to be more developer friendly and so the ps4 will be taking that approach now as opposed to the custom design sony has always followed with the ps1, ps2 and ps3.

I guess, since there is no official confirm or denial people must take the negative approach with MS. it wont matter what the official word is because they will have already made up their minds.

fr0sty2062d ago

Sony got hit with the same rumors just before PS4's reveal. They dealt with them by just coming out and saying "Yes, it'll play used games.".

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Godmars2902064d ago

The issue isn't all the "If true, not buying" comments, its that if online is mandatory, absolutely required to use the console, people without online access will be excluded from using it even if they buy it.

If current gen only half of all systems are online, with half again paying XBL gold users, then that's half of the potential user base either gone, or bit*hing about not being able to use what they bought. Having to go to the additional expense of getting online if they even can get it.

All the people saying they don't mind or it doesn't effect them don't get what's on.

Then again, if MS is going to offer Xbox3 as a cable box, the issue technically goes away.

talisker2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

You're worrying about people without Internet and then say that cable will be a solution? Cable offer makes the target market of Nextbox US only, maybe UK too. How much install base can it give, half of what they got with X360? 60%? Also deduct people who don't want a subscription, then those who aren't interested in Kinect and 1 day prices for games and you may end up with 30-40% of today's target.

Godmars2902064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

Cable/internet providers. If MS is going to push Xbox3 as a cable box, they'll then likely offer it with package deals through cable providers with an internet subscription thrown in.

And yes, while such would limit it to certain regions, MS's thinking might be that at the same time they'll have a lager base than just gamers to work with. People who'll want it for any DVR functions it might have and because its new. The next Wii where the WiiU failed to be the next Wii.

Basically, MS might be thinking that they can actively exclude part of their current install base, whole countries, because they'll be appealing to more people in the countries they're in.

I really think at this point its not about games with them anymore, but subscriptions. That paid services have become their primary focus because its easier/cheaper than game development. That MS is never more happier than when they just sit back as money rolls in with little to no effort. They haven't forgotten about games, they're just not major priority. Emphasis on major.

Edit; May as well make this longer with an example:

Current Box 360/Xbox2 global user base = 70 million.
Systems online if half = 35 million.
Systems using XBL Gold if half = 16.5 million.

If Xbox3 is cable/internet box potential user base in US alone = 50-70 million.
Systems online = 50-70 million/100%.
Paid XBL subscriptions = 50-70 million/100%
Systems actually used for hardcore gaming = 10-20 million/less than 10%

MS ability not to care about other markets, let them come to them = 100%

Chances of MS handing off all game development over to 3rd parties = 80-95% (Still make Halo).

delboy2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

If paying for online play was a mistake, then always online is also a mistake.
The majority doesn't care, and M$ will rule in USA, no matter what.

Anyway, they will wrap things up so that you will want to be always online, believe me.

Blaze9292064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

people are some true idiots if they believe Microsoft will alienate the next xbox to consumers with broadband connections 'only'.

I don't see the problem with this here. Don't want it connect, unplug your internet. I'm sure there will even be a setting to do that. Don't want it on, turn it off with a complete shut down.

DRM, unless you pirate and steal your games - who cares?

The only thing of worry should be whether or not they truly plan to block used games. Other than that, what's the big problem?

If someone could explain it to me, I'd appreciate it.

-Superman-2064d ago

If this is true, then its going to be again just like PS2 dominated over Nintendo and Microsoft.
There is no way that Wii U is winning next gen, its already over for Nintendo.
Well, if thuse things are true about Microsoft, then Sony has clearly won next gen.

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greenmeanie2065d ago

If this is true, I will not be purchasing the new Xbox! I have been a faithful Xbox owner since the original one came out. I can't see any good reason for them to do this. Sometimes my internet goes out due to routine maintenance by my provider, or just because they happen to have an outage. Am I supposed to just not play my games? What next, are they going to make Xbox live gold mandatory?!?!?! When I first heard this rumor, I thought it sounds too ridiculous to be true, but now that I am hearing it over and over, it seems like it is indeed going to be the way it is. That is just not acceptable to me. I want a choice. I don't want to have to always be online, I don't want to fill up my hard drive with full game loads. Sorry Microsoft, if this is true, you will lose this faithful customer of over 11 years!

Belking2065d ago

"I don't want to have to always be online,"

Then unplug it. You are totally misunderstanding what always connected means.

gamer422064d ago

And you are misunderstanding his comment. if We learned anything from the simcity situation that always online is horrible if handled poorly, im sure microsoft will attempt to handle this as best they can if they do go through with it. But his concerns are justified if previous games trying to go always online are the only Things to go by.

Mustang300C20122064d ago

Yes your comparing one flawed game to a company that has led with a service going on for twelve years now.

gamer422064d ago

@mustang i said if those games were the only things to go by, which they are as i dont recall there ever being a console requiring online all The time. i also stated that i believe ms would try to handle this the best they can. If they go through with it.

SDF Repellent2065d ago

Yawn, not another one of these articles. LOL. smh

Lvl_up_gamer2064d ago

Unfortunately the longer MS keepts tight lipped on what the actual truth is, every Tom, Dick and Harry site is going to write an article claiming the rumors as facts and giving their 2 cents worth of an opinion.

MS will be waiting most likely to E3 until they reveal the 720 and until then expect nothing but positive PS4 articles and negative 720 articles. It's all the gaming media have to go on at the moment. Just another 3 more months of this.... :(

RuleofOne343 2065d ago

Still getting it , don't care .

Max-Zorin2065d ago

it's not smart to judge a unannounced system based on rumors. Just wait for the official announcement.

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