Nyko releases six accessories for Wii U

Wii U owners now have a selection of new third-party accessories with which to deck out their Nintendo home video game console as accessories manufacturer Nyko Technologies releases a full line of Wii U peripherals.

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gamefiles2069d ago

The Uboost stand is ssSweet!

black9112069d ago

From a Distance that Picture looks like.

josephayal2069d ago

DAM absolutely amazing but looks like a toilet paper holder

PS4isKing_822069d ago

Love the new pro controller, just a shame not many game utilize it.

WeAreLegion2069d ago

More crap. That controller looks nice...but it's not. I assure you.

BosSSyndrome2069d ago

Good lord, were you like... abused or something?

Tuxmask552069d ago

A Nyko Game Boy Color accessory molested him as a child.

MNGamer-N2069d ago

I'm not getting the Uboost... too big and clunky. I'll just be getting the new gamepad battery, the PowerPak. 10 Hours of gaming on the toilet here I come!

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