Sony Finally Starts Advertising The PSVita

Sony released a new commercial for the PS Vita


This is the video on the site:

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TongkatAli2093d ago

X D HAHAHAHAHAHAH! No! i did not like that, but its better then nothing.

Sony should pay PSY and Hyuna to do a commercial for the Vita, that would be awesome

or at least do it in South Korea, Dj Max Technika Tune is made there. I would love DLC of this song and music video.

KangarooSam2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Shouldn't you be playing StarCraft II?

Edit: @below: K pop is popular in South Korea and with a few freshman in high school, maybe. PSY is probably a one hit wonder in the U.S. Most people listened to Gangnam Style sarcastically, I bet. I'm not saying it's bad music, to each their own. But Sony has bigger markets to worry about that South Korea. For example: North America, Europe, Japan, Australia, etc.

And I know music games are a big hit in Japan especially but they really need diverse advertisements for different regions.

TongkatAli2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

I don't have that game : /

I'm going to get that, thanks for reminding me.

Come on, you're making fun, but look how many views that music video has. That commercial i just pinch would make Sony alot of money.

Whether you love or hate K pop, its very right now and the popularity isn't going away anytime soon.

Edit: Psy has another video that broke 1 BILLION *Dr Evil face* views, but whatever I'm wrong /S.

maddfoxx2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

I first started listening to kpop when I was in high school (6 years ago). Kpop has been popular for years now. The wonder girls have preformed on multiple talk shows, including The Wendy Williams show and have toured with some famous American bands. 2NE1 is VERY popular in South America and some parts of Europe. They are also gaining popularity in America (they won MTV's best new band in the world award). Also, lots of American artist are really trying to work with more Koreans. Akon, Will.I.Am, Amerie, etc. have worked with Kpop stars in the past to make English albums. Korean singers have been in american media (movies, tv, commercials) for years... you just didn't know because you dont recognize them.

TongkatAli2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Good ads focus on a select group and made to lure that group like a fish. For example I chose Kpop audience which is HUGE, famous celebs check, EXCLUSIVE game check, famous song check and DJ Max isn't just Kpop music.

It has English rap, techno, Irish sounding music, classical music, modern rock, metal, ska, dance pop, grudge, and I can't think of anymore x D but it has alot of content and variety.

It's my bad though. I should have said that ad should only be in South Korea.

Sony should advertise a exclusive game not a PS3 game. Gravity Rush would have been a better choice, it has a Zelda vibe to it.

Edit: profgerbik is right, this isn't a big campaign push with this ad, sooooo it was a fail to laugh at it.

showtimefolks2093d ago

-this new advertisement firm they hired has done well, that GOW campaign was done well and now i have started to see more advertisement

i hope this is a sign for things to come, last of us and beyond 2 souls need big advertisement budgets

TBONEJF2093d ago


Ace_Pheonix2093d ago

Well that was just terrible. Seriously, I need to get into marketing or something, because no one is going to be inspired to buy one from that poor excuse for a commercial.

KangarooSam2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Well it wasn't even a Vita commercial. Sure, it showed Vita but they need something other than Kratos looking like he's about to rape a kid and Sly jerkin' it in the corner.

Edit: and before everyone gets crazy with the disagrees it was just a little joke. Sony's great.

Killzoner992093d ago

I'm sure you're a marketing genius and all but I think Sony knows what they are doing. That was a fun and hip commercial aimed at the gaming youth and they have accomplished what they set out to do. I don't think you people who are bashing this even know how advertising works. Just because you don't like it does not make it a failure. It means you are out of touch with what's cool today.

MidnytRain2093d ago


Can't tell if serious...

RememberThe3572093d ago

Any time "fun" and "hip" are used together you know the opposite is true.

I'm not sure Killzoner99 actually knows what "cool" means.

Th4Freak2093d ago

Dafuq Sony? That's one of the worst commercials i've ever seen in my entire life.

LOGICWINS2093d ago

It didn't even have the words "Vita" in it lol.

jon12342093d ago

dafuq is one of the worst memes ive ever seen in my life...

GribbleGrunger2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Just who are you advertising to with this advert Sony? Middle classed young adults who withdraw themselves from the group? Why do you find it so difficult to advertise?

Kid comes home from school
Looks around for a while
Shouts 'Where's my Vita!'
Cut to father sat in another room playing the Vita
He shouts 'Try upstairs in your bedroom.'
And carries on playing the Vita

Make it about one family with the phrase 'Where's my Vita' at the start and at the end of each advert. Come on Sony; make people think they need one.

Snookies122093d ago

Let's just get you that marketing job over at Sony now... You would be doing a 10x better job than whoever's in charge of these currently.

GribbleGrunger2093d ago

I'd be printing 'Where's my Vita' T-Shirts before the advert aired. It's just mind boggling that Sony put out these banal adverts so regularly.

KrisButtar2093d ago

haha ya that would be way better than what i just watched

SandWitch2093d ago

Dude, you should be working at Sony

profgerbik2093d ago

Sounds like you have been watching too many Kraft macaroni and cheese commercials..

"Where's my Vita" is such a mundane slogan.. I can't believe how many people are praising you for what you said.. really isn't creative.

I don't get the big deal either not really defending the commercial sure it isn't my cup of tea but.. it is a part of a full of commercial for many Sony products.. not just the Vita. Lets all rage over it because they decided to clip a part out of that.

How about we shit all over the commercial that is literally aimed at the Vita, not one that is trying to sell all of Sony's devices.

You think if it was purely Vita driven whicn anyone with a brain could have seen it wasn't. It would have been on the Playstation Vita youtube channel. Not the Sony Electronics channel..

Th4Freak2093d ago

They could've been advertising a paperclip and it wouldn't make it a better commercial.

Here's the full commercial if anyone want to see it:

MidnytRain2093d ago

The praise come from the fact that even something so mundane, simple, and cliche is better than what I just watched...

mechlord2093d ago

dude, even a 1 minute full black screen with white PS VITA text would be better than these gimmicks they re doing.

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