Was Sony honest about PS2 emulation on the PS3? It appears they were not

PS2 emulation on PS3 systems was removed after the first generation of PS3 systems, which didn't stop Sony from releasing PS2 Classics on the PSN Store later on. This seemed understandable since removing PS2 compatibility cut manufacturing costs in the then expensive PS3 system. However, it appears some individuals have been able to run modified versions of PS2 ISOs on their hacked PS3s. If this were to be true, it would mean Sony had deliberately chosen to block PS2 games already owned by users from their PS3 systems.

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wishingW3L2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

this article will have it hard to get approved with the many Sony fans on this site, but it appears to be true. Shame on you Sony. -__-

black9112070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

This Link Explains it All!

Belking2070d ago

They weren't honest but I'm sure people will continue to ignore the fact like sony can never do wrong. They love money and profits just like any other corp.

dantesparda2070d ago

At this point, i dont think Sony is doing anything for profit but rather just for survival, they are down a lot!
And love em or hate em, we need the competition

Belking2070d ago

"At this point, i dont think Sony is doing anything for profit but rather just for survival, they are down a lot!"

I have to agree with that. They aren't out of the woods yet. They are putting up a good front though because realistically if PS4 isn't a big hit there is a good chance that they may go the sega route and just do software.

SDF Repellent2070d ago

There is a reason why you see all these HD remakes from the PS2 days on the PS3. Instead of providing the emulation, like what Microsoft did to most their best selling games, making HD remakes to make a few extra bucks is a smart way to do business in Sony's part. Now, if the situation was reversed and Microsoft is the one releasing these HD remakes, they will be called unethical and "not care for the core gamers" etc.

To this day, I am able to play Ninja Gaiden, Halo 1, Halo 2, Jade Empire, KOTOR 1 and II, Fable, Forza, GTA Collection, NFL @K5, and a slew of my other original xbox games without any issue.

Hicken2069d ago

So there are no HD remakes on 360? That's interesting; I could swear there are.

Guess what: if your PS3 was able to play PS2 games, IT'S STILL ABLE TO DO SO.

Sony's not forcing ANYBODY to buy the HD remakes; the PS2 is dirt cheap, so how would that even make any sense? If it's a game you already own, WHY would you buy it again for a new console unless you WANTED TO?

I have Ico, SotC, Odin Sphere, and BOTH Zone of the Enders on PS2. Still have a PS2, sitting right next to my PS3 SS, and have another in storage, just in case. But I've got all five of those games on PS3 in HD, BECAUSE I WANTED THEM. Nobody forced me to buy them, the same way nobody will be forcing me to buy FFX and X-2 in HD when they come out.

As for this article, are they even paying attention to how much modification has to be done in order for a PS3 to play PS2 games? They keep talking about locking out emulation or something, but NONE of the software required is even native to the PS3. It was HARDWARE that was removed; as is (or should be) evident by the tiny amount of HD-remade PS2 games out there, it's not as simple as just an easy software change.

This is most noticeable in the number of PS2 games available for download(since this would offer maximum profit per game, and isn't that what the argument is: that Sony did this out of greed?). Fifty-five games. One seventieth of the 3857 games available. Yeah, that's a massive number, REALLY something to influence people to buy on PS3 instead of JUST KEEPING THE DAMN GAMES THEY ALREADY HAVE ON PS2.

Seriously, STOP using HD collections as an excuse. It's pretty ignorant.

kreate2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

There are hd re-makes/collections/re-releas es on the xbox as well. Nintendo has it, even ps2 has it.

The thing is, ps3 gamers are asking for remakes to be made.

They have a huge list of remakes to be made. But sony is not going to make all of them.

Its not just sony who makes these remakes.

And again, nobody cares except xbox fanboys.

Ps3 was there w BC and its still there. Nobody 'removed' it from the ps3 that sony said there will be BC for.

With the slim, sony never implemented it from the beginning.

If u wanted a BC ps3. Go buy a phat ps3. The one that comes w it.

Sure every corporation lies, even the president lies, but I care about 'actions'. So far, out of all the liars, sony's actions are more desirable than their counterparts. From the core gamer perspective that is. Depending how u interpret core gamer.

Qrphe2066d ago

"If u wanted a BC ps3. Go buy a phat ps3."

I still have a PS2 I can play any PS2 game on but I'm going to call that completely unfeasible given that Sony discontinued it and such models is unreliable and costly in many cases.

kreate2065d ago

But the most wanted feature on the ps3 is cross voice game chat. Not the BC.

I bought a launch ps3 few months after launch so i have an excuse. Eventually 20gb one was offered for USD 399.99 but no one bought it and everyone talked crap about it. NO ONE asked for BC to stay at that time in history.

Ps3 is desirable now due to the great games sony provided. But its too late now. BC didnt sell ps3 before so I highly doubt sony will offer it again .