RoboAwesome's Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon | Review (3DS)

"You know how the old saying goes: “Just when you are putting the supernatural events that happened to you 12 years ago behind you, a zany scientist calls you in the middle of the night and you will once again find yourself battling paranormal phenomenon with a vacuum cleaner and a flashlight.” Oh, you’ve never heard that saying? Weird…my great great great grandmother had it cross-stitched on a sampler above her fireplace. I don’t think Luigi had ever heard it either, because he certainly looked surprised and reluctant when the opening events of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon were unfolding."

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Desert Turtle2067d ago

Never got around to playing the original, but I'll be picking up this one

Sidology2067d ago

Dang, this game is getting crazy good reviews. Second 9+ review I've seen in five minutes.

RoboRyan2067d ago

I love Luigi's Mansion. Dark Moon sounds cool.

j0em0e2067d ago

My thumbs were too wonky to play the original. The 3DS controls sound right up my alley.

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