Viking Invasion 2 Tower Defense Review (4CR)

"Olaf the Viking (yep, that’s definitely a Viking name) and his group of lesser, but still pillage-happy companions are out on a new adventure! After the shame brought to their group from their last trip, Olaf’s wife Olga demands that they try to at least win get SOME riches from their journey. With that motivation Olaf is out for revenge and will stop at nothing to destroy every village in his way!
As was the case with Viking Invasion for DSiware, Viking Invasion 2 is a Tower Defense game, and a fine one at that. You must defend yourself against Olaf and his army while simultaneously repelling mythical creatures, gods, and even the almighty Odin who shows up to help Olaf destroy your towers. There are 8 basic tower types that can be improved considerably, and you can unlock 3 major upgrades for each tower thanks to runes. Runes are obtained by defeating the bigger enemies and bosses that attack you on each level. Once obtained, runs can be traded in to unlock advanced features lik...

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