5 Classic Video Games Of The ’90s

WC - This top 5 isn’t going to include the usual ramblings of your out-dated 40-year-old Uncle who swears that “Pac Man” is the greatest game ever made, and – let’s be honest – unless you’re still dressing like Tommy Lee did once upon a a time, you probably agree with me: this top 5 is about those titles that defined the ’90s and still hold relevant podiums of honor in gaming history.

These games are the ones that got me hooked, the ones that encouraged me to come home from school and throw my homework aside to clock a few more hours in before dinner, inevitably the ones I now blame for my poor education. But there was something about them that you couldn’t resist, these well crafted cult games were so enthralling that it was near impossible to find fault with them, unlike todays industry were titles are picked apart piece by piece on forums untill no joy can be found whilst playing.

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