The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Review: Exercises in Futility - Error! Not Found

"I played through The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct in one sitting. It wasn’t because I was having fun with the game, or because I had a large amount of free time I could devote to it. I played it through in one sitting because it was incredibly boring, incredibly short, and I wanted all of it to end as soon as possible."

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timmyp532091d ago

I must be sick in the head but I just want to play this for the laughs and giggles.

Magnus2091d ago

Wait until you can get it in the bargain bin trust me the game is not worth the full price.

BABY-JEDI2091d ago

This game truly is D.O.A..

budharvest2090d ago

This game is a complete and utter disaster, i have seen some broken games, but this is something else, "daryl and merle in a game, what could be beter than that"? - well mostly everything under the sun actually. I am finished with cashdivision.