Review - Luigi's Mansion 2 (Portugal Gaming)

The times of the GameCube have been there forever. Luigi's Mansion was a launch title on the console, in May 2002 (in Europe), the only title in the Mario universe available at the time. Despite being criticized for short, Luigi's Mansion had a good reception by critics and was much loved by the fans. 11 years later, Nintendo decided to bet on a sequel, this time passing to a portable format. Is this just another rehash title or cloth sleeves have here?

The game begins with the return of Professor A. Luado (E. Gaudd in original) in a mansion, a study by the friendly ghosts that live there. Everything was fine until some ghostly entity, a certain King players to the first iteration of Luigi's Mansion surely remember, shatter the "Black Moon", a kind of moon that, apparently, prevented the ghosts of becoming ill. Chaos is installed and you need a hero ... It's time to call Luigi!

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